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  1. Happy Easter, happy Passover and happy Norouz to everyone!
  2. That's interesting, my guess also would have been a collaboration, not at the same time, but rather with, I don't know, 100 years in between the activities of the collaborateurs. I would have thought, that the top is not orginal and stems from another instrument and just was added to this instrument for whatever reason. About the regional origin, sure it is Markneukirchen? It has traits that you'd find on Markneukirchens, too, but it has some french features, too. About Markneukirchen I have read those violins with corner blocks would have them only in the lower corners not in the upper ones. But here whe have 2, so I thought maybe this could be french looking blocks in the upper corners in a potential context of a french BOB construction. About the scroll's fluting ending at 6 o'clock, I think, I have read french violins sometimes have them, too. And the back seam of this violin has cleats, what I thought was french? The F-holes being a bit wider and the wood selection of the front table and its grain reminded me of french violins I've seen, too. Also that the whole instrument is less wide and a narrow pegbox and being much lighter than any of my violins is something I can't make anything of it. Since this violin comes from France plus the just mentioned charackteristics of the violin, I thought this could be some kind of Mirecourt instrument, with both front table and the rest of the instrument being Mirecourt, but stemming from different instruments, so they got mashed up to one "new" instrument. Is this a possibility or is it safe to say Markneukirchen, no way around it? Also, how much for this thing to buy for practicing purposes would be too much in your opinion? I'm thinking, if I'd buy it for practicing purposes at all, I would not spend more than 50-100. What would you think, too much or even 150-200? I really don't know how much an instrument for the purpose of learning repairs and similar stuff should cost at max :s.
  3. That's my guess, too, and yeah it seems to be revarnished, pretty thick actually. Back, ribs, neck and pegbox/ scroll seem consistent to me, the top seems to be added. What do you think where the parts are from? Markneukirchen, german, italian, french, english? Nice one, let's see :p
  4. I don't know, you need to ask @FiddleDoug, he mentioned "winning"
  5. Okay, I see, thanks for the explanation.
  6. Do I interpret the picture you posted correctly, that your guess is a german Stainer copy?
  7. Thanks for the explanation. I thought I was seeing a difference, too, but wasn't sure. Interesting, that you seem to see a difference, too
  8. Good arguments for a good chance of Jacob winning
  9. How would you describe the difference?
  10. Hi! I've covered the label for 2 reasons: - so that the discussion in this thread can be as bias free as possible - to make it a bit more fun by making a game out of it and see if someone can guess the label, whether fake/copy (so what the faker/copyer might have thought it could look like) or original and the maker. Gonna reveal the label at a later point. The scroll's fluting stops at 6 o'clock. This violin is not as heavy as any of my violins and its shape is not as broad/wide as any of my violins, but the LOB still is 35.8mm +/- 1 or 2mm. The total length is 59.0cm +/- 1 or 2mm. The scroll, too, is thinner than any of my violins and appears somewhat finer/thinner/dainty, don't know the correct english term for it. The peg holes are redone. Let's see who guesses the label, right :). The upper corner blocks are made the same way, it seems to me, and seem to be older, the lower corner clocks seem to be made at a later point and look different compared to the upper corner blocks. Lower corner blocks Upper corner blocks The inside of the peg box, I don't know, is that blackened or just darkened and dirty over time?
  11. That's the one. I totally feel you
  12. Yes, that's the thread, thank you so much! Thank you both of you for all the information!
  13. That's great. Very interesting saddles there. Thank you very much!
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