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  1. Brad - thanks for the response. I am out of town but will post photo when I get back. All - I truly appreciate the dialogue and inputs.....
  2. Jacob - I will try not to do so!
  3. Thanks, Brad. On page 147 - it is a little conflicted to me. Photo 1 shows the base cut. Then in the text they say " On ungrafted instruments, the saw cut does not need to go deeper than the bottom of the pegbox." And then with the internet photos thrown in, I was interested in current thoughts and best practices. Thanks, all. I really appreciate all of your responses!
  4. HI folks: When you are planning and then carving out the neck graft material from the interior of the pegbox. Do you generally leave neck material at the bottom of the pegbox, or just on the sides and over the chin? This is from Triangle Strings - where there appears to be some of the neck stock remaining at the bottom of the pegbox. This is from Woodbridge Violins... where there appears to be no neck stock materials at the bottom of the pegbox. I would assume that the former is sturdier, but is the latter acceptable? (Weisshaar and Shipman appear to be silent on this.) Thanks! -George
  5. 5 5/16" - from the end of the nut (closest to the fingerboard) to the edge of the violin top next to the neck. No cleats
  6. Yes. I cannot see any plane or gouge marks on the surface. There are many short (2-3cm) marks that run perpendicular to the grain of the top. They remind me of marks a belt-type sander might make on wood.
  7. Several things on this one are not the usual, at least to my novice eyes... The scroll The scroll volute .... The way the lining goes over the corner blocks. The way the lining is let into the top and bottom blocks. The double purfling. The shape of the button. Anything else? Is this the “usual” or something different? Thoughts on where and when it was made? It has a “Carl Bachmann” label. Thanks!
  8. I just got a copy of the weisshaar n shipman book. Wow... there is a lot of info in there.!
  9. Lovely - Thanks for posting.
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