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  1. I will get pictures up as soon as i can!
  2. I am going to take better pictures and i will try My friend hiked out in the great northern basin and picked it off of a deadfall
  3. It came out amazing, it is a wonderful wood to use! Its so dense and the grain is so pretty, also anywhere from 1000-3000 years old
  4. Yeah i know haha i will just have to wait a bit
  5. I call it a book because i printed it off but it was the violin making manual from makingtheviolin.com, printed that, bought some chisels and gouges, learned metric and went to town on it! I was planning on taking better pictures in the sunlight tomorrow anyway now that i put my final coat of varnish on!
  6. I decided to try and build a violin, i want to know what you think so far, it is not polished yet, i already know what is wrong with it (some things are a little off dimensionally) but when you start from zero and read a book and freehand it you make mistakes because you just dont know what you dont know and i am super excited to get into making more!! i did not know such a big community is out here as i am just a concrete guy haha! neck is bristlecone pine everything else is standard stuff maple and spruce varnish is my own blend and color. pictures arent the best as it is surprisingly hard to take a picture of a really shiny thing, makes it look nasty! so what do you think?
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