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  1. This is proving to be more difficult to decide on than I thought...
  2. Haven't tried that one yet...
  3. Thanks! I'm finding the search for a new bow to be daunting but fascinating. I'm taking my time. I've been to local shops and done some in home trials. I am doing one more to compare with the carbon fiber. I did run across a couple of wood bows that were honestly not that bad, but after visiting my local shop (they didn't have a large selection but are awaiting a shipment of bows) they said sometimes a rehair could make a difference. I think one bow that I thought was "weak" was better after tightening the hair more, then I could feel the stick vibrations better but I still decided against it. I really don't want to have to rehair a new bow. I tried the Codabow NX in a electric violin shop and liked the feel of the balance better than the Luma and GX. The shop owner was surprised but said they do sell a lot more of the NX bows. I don't like bows that are weighted heavily at the frog. I would save up and wait but I REALLY need a new bow. It's hampering my practice. I think I really want a wood bow but have been impressed with the Codabows. I tried the SX in a shop and took it home for a few days. It's a middle of the road bow. Nothing special but it handles well.
  4. I'm beginning to find this out. I am trying out some codabows this week. I will compare with other wood bows but so far the wood ones haven't lived up to much..
  5. Thanks. I've been doing a lot of trials. I'm sure I'll come across something that works.
  6. Thanks. I meant to respond to you directly but I can tap it on my hand and feel the vibrations in all but one but it handles better than the others. It sounds okay. Thanks.
  7. I can tap it on my hand a feel the vibrations in all of them except one which barely has any and the hair loose compared to the others but it feels ok on the string. They are all okay. Some more lively and loud than the others. They are in a cheapish price range. I'm having a hard time finding a good wood bow in the 3-$400 price range.
  8. Hello everyone. I'm currently doing a violin bow trial through Shar Music and have a question: does the strength of vibration running through the stick have anything to do with the quality? I am testing a few Guy Laurent bows and the one that feels and plays best has a warmer mellow tone and fast response but not as strong of a vibration running through it as the others. Does that mean anything in terms of quality?
  9. Will do. Thanks for your input!
  10. Yes, very happy. I've tried a lot of violins but hadn't run across this particular brand. I was surprised I actually found something!
  11. Yes, I was surprised. They had a lot of nice ones but I just kept coming back to this one. It is set up perfectly. The Lorenzo violin is lighter than the old one I have and the neck is thinner. The sound is more open surprisingly but still strong. Warm but brilliant and sweet. With just Dominants and the E that comes with the set it still sounds great. No shrillness whatsoever. I find that Jerry's bridge he made up for it actually allows for easy bowing. Took some getting used to not having to work so hard with my bow hand ha ha.
  12. Well, just got back from Triangle Strings (Jerry Pasewicz' shop) and am VERY happy. I met with one of his very nice luthier's and he said the violin I have is actually pretty nice. He said the neck was on the rather chunky side but not over the required measurements but that could account for some discomfort. He said the nut height could be lowered and he did that while I waited...however, I had an appt. to try violins and bows so I wanted to do that anyway and WOW, I found a Paolo Lorenzo 2021 violin that I just love. It's around $1200 so not too bad. I'm trialing it this week and will compare to the one I have now to see if it is easier to play and sound wise. I didn't love the bows but he said in my price range they didn't have a lot of stock due to shipping constraints. I can live with the bow I have for now, just need a rehair. I'm one very happy player
  13. A fellow fiddler told me about an American maker where he got his violin. Their shop is closed for now since they are moving but that might be an option.
  14. No injuries. I already took it to one luthier who said the neck was "chunky" and the fingerboard too low and angled towards the G string side, which means more work for my left hand and elbow. He said some people adjust but I do feel the extra strain on occasion. He wouldn't rectify it so hence why I'm testing violins. I'm heading to another shop this weekend and taking this violin with me but I'll probably end up getting something else, just depends. This one was given to me, so no loss.
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