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  1. He got forty francs for his first conducting job, at the theatre la salle, even though he didnt have to much conducting. He also played a stradivarius which had belonged at one time to paganinni, and at one time someone tried to steal from him.
  2. 'potty,' (crazy or Eccentric). An interesting subject, which when studied could drive you insane.
  3. I am not sure but I think Scott Cao made these, perhaps others on here with more knowledge than I have in my limited experience could shed some light. Good luck with your son by the way.
  4. You are quite correct, actually, Stradivari in the period before his golden era would never have been able to afford ribbons for his typewriter. Maybe though, Cozio could have re labelled, always possible I suppose....?
  5. Extremely beautiful scroll, the back of the instrument is superb as is the finish, which obviously took a lot of sanding and hard graft, the oil finish is exceptional, unfortunately the label is not real, everyone knows that Stradivari didnt use that font with his printer, all his labels were hand typed using an ink ribbon traditional typewriter.
  6. No I am not the agent. I actually have my eye on a different instrument in this same auction . I only noticed it after going through all the lots again. On my first look the two items I mentioned seemed the best. Not worth a great deal, but the best in there, no double dealing at aĺl.
  7. Just took a glance at the affordable auction, there seem to be two bidders starting to go neck and neck on the Gauche I mentioned, dont know what is more interesting, the pochette or watching the price war take off.
  8. Just looked at this auction, this one is real Leon Mougenot Gauche, and the only other thing worth looking at is the pochette.
  9. I am fairly happy with my instrument, so would have to be maybe some Italian Violin, but placed inside a villa with six bedrooms and a fully fitted practice room overlooking the sea fairly close to Lisbon.
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