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  1. Thank you all very much for the help! I appreciate the encouragement and shared experiences.
  2. Thank you very much Nathan. I'm definitely breathing a sigh of relief because the requirements that you list are certainly doable. All around good news (and I'm sure my wife will agree that the garage is plenty!). Have a great weekend and thanks again.
  3. Hello! Admittedly, I'm a new poster and hoping for some good opinions on my situation. I have been interested in violin making for a while and I understand it would be a very long journey. However, my concern is that it may be a rough start since I live in a townhome in south Texas (the land of hot and humid ten months out of the year) and really only have my garage as a space to work in. It has been useful for DIY projects and I do have a work area carved out (no pun intended), but the intricacies of violin making have me worried since we have the door open regularly and it isn't possible to install an AC system. Part of me says AC was in short supply 300 years ago, but I don't want to be foolish either. Am I dead in the water from the start? Any recommendations from someone with similar circumstances and limitations? Thank you kindly!
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