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  1. i have been trying and trying to find the f hole placement for the 1743 cannon del gesu guarneri violin. i am completley frustrated in my search, and have searched everything i can find on the internet to no avail. i have the form, the templates, i have everything but the f hole placement, and graduation system and thicknesses. although everything looks very similar to the viuetempx (Spelling?) violin, i want to be sure about it. i have studied making all of my adult life, and even worked on a contractual basis for a pro shop......but this is one time i am completely at a loss on where to find the information i need to make a faithful reproduction. i have considerd "flatheading" it out through all of my learning, but i don't want to do that. this is an entirely new model to work with, and i want to get it right. can anyone pleae help?
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