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  1. There are so many fake label violin in the market and some articles said most of it are mass produced from East German. I once bought an 1/3 violin from a local dealer few years ago and he said it was an Vuillaume(he actually said it probably made by his son), Few years later, I wanted to trade up of full size violin, another dealer said it is a fake label from German or Czech. Although the sound wasn't bad, But still it was a bit expensive when I bought it. Is there any hints to tell if it is one of mass produced East German violin? What should I look at when I pick up an old violin apart from the sound and Label? Thanks
  2. Thanks everyone! I would like to know which method is better for an old violin? in term of sound and stability? Or which method is more popular?
  3. As I read some conversation here, I found some of the experts can tell if the violin constructed by BOB or inside mould by a just a photo. I wondering how and which part of the violin can tell the method of the construction. Just curious and would love to learn about it. Thanks
  4. Is there any recommendation of humidifier for Violin case that can use for both dry and wet weather changes? thanks
  5. My luthier actually not suggests us to open it, instead, he said a good players should know how to play with wolf tones. I just wondering if there any one can 100% sure to fix it. Thank Jwillis!
  6. Thanks GoPractice, this is exactly what my luthier said. He actually not suggested to open the violin and said good player should knows how to play with wolf tones.
  7. My daughter's violin had the wolf on B note of G string and I went to the best Luther in my city. He told me most of the Italian violin got wolf tones and It's hard to make it disappears. He told me it needed to open the violin and take very long time to fix it and he is not 100% sure if he can make it disappear. I read an article about René A. Morel fixed Sarah Chang's Del Gesu wolf tone. but sadly he passed away on 2011. I wondering if it worthy to give a try? any thoughts? thanks a lot!
  8. Thanks @GoPractice Got 2 more photos here. I might probably purchase this bow, but the value would be big difference if this is a copy. So, just wanted to make sure if I paying the right price.
  9. Any comments about this Bow? The frog and the button doesn't look like an original to me. is this Andre or Joseph? real or fake? Please advise.
  10. I would like to know if this violin is Authentic from Vuillaume Paris workshop?
  11. I am actually asking Ewbank for more photos and waiting for reply.
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