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  1. Better photos of the base of the scroll.
  2. Thank you for your input, George! I believe so too, especially after all of the information you wonderful people have provided.
  3. And I think someone asked about bridge measurements. E string height is just below 3 mm and G is just below 4 mm.
  4. Thank you, George and Shelbow! Redone measurement is 14 1/4 inches.
  5. Top, should I do it from the bottom? Again, I am a bit inexperienced still.
  6. Here is a side by side with my current violin (right).
  7. A little back story might help, I work at the shop where this came in. This has actually been in the backroom for over 4-5 years. I found in in with a bunch of old cases and violins in need of extreme repair. I don't believe it has been touched since it was purchased from the owner. Oh and for those that asked, it is 14 7/8 inches from button to bottom.
  8. I'll get some measurements tomorrow when I go into work!
  9. I was thinking of purchasing it because I do enjoy the sound and looks of it. They're asking $2000. Is that too much? (I thought it might be)
  10. Hello! This violin came in and I'm not sure what to think of it. Does anyone have an idea of who this was made by and how much it may be worth? I am still rather inexperienced and have never seen one like this. -Mary
  11. MaryS

    eBay purchase

    I do believe some of the cracks are open (which was why it was....cheap. Under $300). I buy these to work on so I do not have to worry about messing up a shop owned instruments or a customer's instrument. This one I am hoping to learn how to cleat. The one by the F hole is closed and solid. I think this will be a good project for that since the cracks do not go along the bassbar and will not require a soundpost patch.
  12. MaryS

    eBay purchase

    Do you believe this to be a decent quality violin? I know on the "Hopf" cottage violin I restored, I had to regraduate the top because it was hacked into shape. I was hoping this one wouldn't need that.....
  13. MaryS

    eBay purchase

    Thank you for the information! I wish that was my work table, however those photos are from the eBay listing. I believe it to be the owner of Tulsa Violins. Very nice guy!
  14. MaryS

    eBay purchase

    Hello! I recently purchased this on eBay and was wondering if anyone had any information on it. The repair tag inside seems fake to me. This will be another restoration project for me. Learning to cleat and possibly make a soundpost patch. Is this German? If so, around what age do you believe it is? Is this a cottage industry piece? Thank you! -Mary
  15. Thank you! We did that, however I'm not sure we did it correctly.....our posting hasn't shown up yet.
  16. Thank you, Jeff! I understand completely.
  17. Hello! Is anyone here attending the Oberlin workshops this year? I unfortunately did not sign up soon enough, but hope to sit in on a class if allowed. I wanted to see if any of you that helped with my restoration of the Hopf would be there (see earlier posts).
  18. Hello, this may or may not be related to this exact forum but my shop is looking for another luthier. Is there an appropriate place to post that on here or should I refrain? Thank you!
  19. MaryS

    Hoefner Violin

    That's the one!
  20. Hello all! I am once again asking for advice....on a lower end instrument. Yes, I know, you do not have to lecture me. I am looking at purchasing a Karl Hoefner(Sorry, my keyboard does not have the O with two dots). It is on Ebay for a low price right now and states it is pre WW2. From the photos, it looks to be well set up and has good strings. The bridge looks good, no obvious cracks, and no open seams that I can see. How much would be fair to spend on this? I don't want to complete the auction and technically be negative money automatically if I wish to upgrade in the future. It does come with a bow that needs rehaired, but I have two already that are nice that I would use instead. Thank you!
  21. I've dealt out some heartbreaks with having to tell students that they have to take off their acrylic nails or that they have to cut them. I have found those students don't last very long.......
  22. MaryS

    Coda Luma Bow

    Thank you guys! I believe the dealer allows trial periods. I think I'll take both home and try them for a while, along with a wooden bow that I liked. I did take a look at the JonPaul bows, the Arpege was very nice, but they didn't have a lot to try from that brand. I would be interested in testing some more. It seems like you can get a little more bang for your buck with those. So far though, the Luma is the front runner. It seems to be giving my playing an extra smoothness, it is hard to describe.
  23. MaryS

    Coda Luma Bow

    Hello! I am looking to purchase a new bow and for the price range I am looking, Coda seems to be the best option. They have two that I am very interested in and wanted some opinions. A little background: I have played since I was 6 or 7, only as a hobby. Nothing crazy and I would not call me a professional. I teach beginning violin, but once they reach a certain point (after 3rd position) they have to be handed off (which all students are made aware of before booking with me). I prefer fast paced fiddle music, specifically Irish tunes. The violin I play is an old Suzuki from the late 1800s to early 1900s, I know it's nothing grand, but it has a good sound and I have had it professionally adjusted. It does well for its intended use. (Though I may be pending an upgrade, we'll see.) The bow I am currently using is stamped "hans royner" and is silver mounted, I think it is a german student bow, please correct me if I am wrong. Octagonal stick that turns to round. The two bows are the Diamond GX and the Luma. Have any of you guys played with these? If so, what are your opinions? Pros, cons, etc. If you have any other brands you recommend in that price range, I would love to hear about those as well. Thank you!
  24. I cut my nails to basically nubs (no white), so we are good there. That is a valid suggestion though, I've known many girls who have long nails and wonder why their violins do not sound good.
  25. The G is at 5 and the E is at 3.8.
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