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  1. Honestly, I know just enough to be dangerous. I couldn't tell if some of the little details represented a higher quality of workmanship, versus an attempt to dress up an inferior instrument and 'make a silk purse out of a sow's ear', as we say. I wondered if the Art Noveau label suggested a French connection. I'd like to be able to look inside the violin to see more details of its construction. I'm very much a newbie here.
  2. I'm seeking any comments on this violin labeled "Ignatij Ber fecit Bernau 1860." It belonged to a friend's grandfather. The label appears to be printed in an Art Nouveau font. There is no country of origin label and no "Made in" notation anywhere. The flat section on the back of the scroll appears to have been sanded down or lacquered over to partially obscure the stamped words "ORCHESTRA VIOLIN." From some cursory internet searching, I guess the label refers to Ignatz Beer who apparently lived c. 1719 - 1807 and died in Bernau, Germany.
  3. I will do that. The fiddle came to me accompanied by two bows. I know nothing about them, either.
  4. Thank you for your comment and for sharing your knowledge! I appreciate it!
  5. I've inherited a fiddle / violin that belonged to my great uncle, and I'm hoping to learn something of its provenance. My great uncle was good enough to play for dances and wedding receptions and such, but not a professional musician. He was actively playing in the first half of the 20th century, mostly in the American southeast, in the Carolinas. I know this is not an authentic Stainer violin, but I'm hoping some knowledgeable people on this forum might notice features that could suggest something about its real provenance? Any observations or opinions are greatly appreciated by me. Thank you! Will
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