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  1. With £10K I would be buying a new violin. You will get more violin for your £ . Unless you want to pay a premium for an average antique.
  2. Leandro Bisiach for $80 000 is a bargain...........nothing stupid in buying his extremely fine work!!
  3. Condition....... Quality.........
  4. It's Frere if you are buying and pere if you are selling ;-)
  5. I played the Pressenda....sounded horrible IMHO
  6. looks good to me.....
  7. yes, early work good..later work falls away somewhat!
  8. Bows made by Bultitude during his Hill period are really fine. However, I've seen probably 50+ post Hill bows and yet to see something that is even close to todays top makers.
  9. makes it hard to buy and sell Poggi now.......
  10. I would say its a minefield on a minefield ;-)
  11. They made a million of these...with certs! I think they are still making them.