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  1. Here is one luthier's dimensions table: http://www.alangoldblatt.com/specs/Violin.pdf Here's another: http://www.makingtheviolin.com/Measurements
  2. For us amateurs, do you have a general sense of how shop owners feel about us going in to look at and play instruments knowing that we don’t intend to buy? I just can’t think of any other way of getting those experiences apart from going to conventions like VSA.
  3. You could see if you could borrow it from a library. https://www.worldcat.org/title/Baxters-database-of-violin-and-bow-makers/oclc/147354757
  4. My condolences to all of you who knew him personally.
  5. Didn't they ban that on Ebay after that girl sold her virginity? Oh @Bill Merkel, in any case, I'm sure you can do better than that!
  6. Maybe you could buy a nice cello case and put a “coupon” inside that says something sweet like “good for one new cello for my amazing wife” or something like that. That way you can surprise her and she can get an instrument that suits her.
  7. Check out the Cremona Revival YouTube channel for more content on this subject. Here’s a video that touches on scroll geometry. EDIT: this channel and the accompanying website, http://davidofsantabarbara.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_11.html , are a product of luthier @David Beard But if you search for previous Maestronet threads, you’ll see that reasonable minds differ on the soundness of his theories.
  8. Exactly! Why should sound posts have all the fun?
  9. Hock makes one specifically for the Chicago violin making school. https://www.hocktools.com/products/knives/knife-blanks-for-violin-schools.html Who knows how their catalog will change with the Lee Valley acquisition. I’ve had my eye on it but I decided to hold out for one from John Schmidt (violin88). Only problem is it looks like he won’t be operational in New Zealand for at least a few more months. Edit: After some thought, I’m not sure if the purfling blade from Hock is for a purfling knife or for the purfling marker. I assume it’s a knife because it seems to line up with some of the dimensions recommended by Brian Derber, and it’s listed with other knife blanks.
  10. Maybe it’s a form of sun bleaching, the same way our hair color gets lighter in the sun?
  11. Libel, defamation, I'm sure there are others. Here's a recent horror story from my neck of the woods: https://kfor.com/news/texas-man-sued-after-leaving-negative-company-review/ EDIT: thought of another possible cause of action, tortious interference with a contract
  12. There's a discussion in the peg box about cleaning bow hairs. One person recently submitted a detailed post on their method which seems to work quite well:
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