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  1. Still loving the OMO Podcast but I think it's definitely missing the magic from season 1. We need @Christopher Jacoby back and more @Jerry Lynn! Now, where's that petition...?
  2. I would start by contacting @duane88
  3. You can also take a look at this post if you're based in the U.S. https://maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/351571-violin-making-tools-supplier/&do=findComment&comment=965836
  4. If I were at all interested in making a cello, I’d be all over this.
  5. Very nice! I like the idea of the tuning fork but doesn't the metronome play an A? Is there a particular reason for the fork other than it doesn't need batteries?
  6. Legend says that @David Burgesswas born with a chisel in his hand and carved his own bassinet from a solid block of maple.
  7. Awesome! I'm not crazy! ....or we're both crazy?
  8. I hope you're not in charge of the wet bar at the VSA convention!
  9. @dpappas Lens wipes are a great idea! A Musafia case? I'm excited for you! That's like the Bentley of cases. @germain Of course, a Wiseman ain't too shabby either.
  10. @Zeissica, I've heard good things about the Korfker, but I'm not sure I'm ready to spend that much dough on a shoulder rest! @GoPractice I've been thinking about trying out a Mach. We'll see.
  11. Let's play, What's In Your Case? Here's what I have: I have a half-moon Bobelock case that comes with two bow holders and a string tube that tucks in behind. I've hardly ever used the string tube. My instrument is one made in Austin, TX in 2002 by William Townsend. I have a Benoit Rolland Spiccato carbon fiber bow and a wooden bow, maker unknown. The case came with a useless hygrometer and a humidifier that I've never used. The left side of the case has enough room for my big 'ole shoulder rest which is nice. On the right side, I have a chamois cloth to clean the instrument after playing and a microfiber cloth that I like to use during rehearsals to wipe off sweat. I also have a repurposed cosmetic bag that fits in the case compartment. The cosmetic bag has my trusty Qwik Time metronome/tuner, the same block of rosin I've been using since college, a little peg dope, practice mute, nail clippers, and alcohol swab. I'm looking for a good pair of ear plugs to add but haven't found ones I like yet. In the top pocket of the case, I usually have a piece of music. Right now it's my copy of the Tchaikovsky concerto signed by Itzhak Perlman (an aspirational piece for me). I also carry a mechanical pencil and a separate eraser because my preferred brand of mechanical pencil only has a teeny, tiny eraser built in. I also carry an extra set of strings and a large trash bag. That's it for me. What about you? What's in your case?
  12. Practicing with my corner block gouge on a scrap block.
  13. Corner and End Blocks - Part 1 Still chugging away as time allows. I finally got started on cutting out the blocks. It's embarrassing but it took me the longest time to make sense of the concept of "grain" on the wood. I mean, I knew the direction "the grain" was supposed to run for each block but then I got myself confused on which side of the wood was "the grain." I think I finally oriented the cut-outs for the blocks correctly on this extra bit of spruce wedge I had--I hope! Now, I'll continue to practice using the gouges/chisels, sharpening them, then rinse and repeat. I bought the veritas side-clamping honing guide thinking it would take care of all my needs for chisels and planes but I found out that it doesn't hold the blade for my apron plane. I'll need to find one that does so I can sharpen that as well and use it for the next step. Next time, I'll be attempting to flatten and square up the blocks to fit the mold before moving onto the ribs.
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