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  1. Tool Practice and Making Glue I decided to practice using my block plane by making what Brian Derber calls "chopsticks" which are two rectangular prisms of hardwood used to elevate the mold by 9mm when setting the blocks. I got a red oak board from the big box store, cut out a piece, and tried to flatten, square it, and reduce it to size. It was more difficult than I anticipated! The board was flat and square so I just had to work on the cut surface. I eventually got it flat but couldn't get it perfectly square and the final thickness varies from 8.95 to 9.25 mm. Not sure what the acceptable tolerances are for this bu I might go back and use a file to try to bring the high parts down closer to 9. I also got to try out my glue pot and made a very small batch of glue. My first time working with hide glue. I used two meat thermometers that I calibrated to 100 degrees celsius in boiling water to calibrate the glue pot. The thermometers differed in their readings at the lower temperatures so I marked the gauge on the glue pot where both thermometers read at least 140 degrees fahrenheit. I'll keep practicing with my tools and make another chopstick. I'll also need to make what Derber calls "zulagen" to help when gluing and clamping the c-bout ribs.
  2. That looks great. I think it looks better than the last version.
  3. Knife Handle Fail and Other Updates Other parts of life have been taking up my time so I haven't been able to make much progress with my violinmaking. That's not to say I haven't done anything. I completed my sharpening/honing system and I've been practicing sharpening my chisels and plane blades. I haven't gotten around to try sharpening a gouge yet though. I might add a hand-cranked grinding stone to the kit later on a-la-Michel Darnton, but this set up seems to be working fine for now. I've also made steady progress in building my toolkit. I've got most of what I set out to collect in what I would term my "basic kit": Workbench Homemade - bought on Facebook Planes Thumb Plane 13mm round Thumb Plane 8mm flat Veritas Low-Angle Jack Plane Veritas Apron Plane w/additional serrated blade Saws Craftsman Coping Saw Harbor Freight Japanese Style Saw IRWIN Marples 7.25-in Dovetail Cut Pull Saw Gouges/Chisels Hirsch Firmer Chisel 1/4" Hirsch Firmer Chisel 1/2" Hirsh Firmer Chisel 3/4" Henry Taylor (HT) #7 3/4" (plate edge) HT #3 1" (Arch finishing) HT #5 1/2" (scroll) HT #7 1/4" (scroll) HT #7 3/8" (scroll) HT #7 5/8" (scroll) Hans Karlsson 25-30 arching gouge Hans karlsson cornerblock gouge Ashley Isles #9 1/4" incannel (peg box) Knives violin knife (double bevel) - 9 mm violin knife (double bevel) - 12 mm violin knife (double bevel) - 15 mm Scrapers and Files .8mm thick scrapers (ribs) .4mm thick scrapers (general work) .25mm thick scrapers (finishing) 8" Nicholson mill file - flat 8" Nicholson mill file - half round Needle files set Sharpening Carbide rod (burnisher) DMT 8" Diamond Plate (xtra course) DMT 8" Diamond Plate (Fine) DMT 8" Diamond Plate (xtra Fine) Horsebutt leather strop Stropping Compound Veritas honing guide Clamps 6 4" Jorgensen bar clamps 30 Spool Clamps (DIY - Screws & wing nut) 40 Lining Clamps (DIY - clothespins) 5 Bass Bar Clamps (DIY - David Burgess design) Measuring Tools 12" steel ruler w/ metric marks 36" steel ruler w/ metric mark 6" Harbor Freight Vernier Caliper w/ metric Compass divider w/ additional pencil insert Lee Valley Engineer Square 2" Lee Valley Engineer Square 4" Veritas Steel Straight Edge 12" Thickness Gauge Glue & Varnishing Wax Warmer Digital Scale UV Cabinet (DIY - trash can model) Paintbrushes Repurposed glass jars Candy Thermometer Glass Stirring rods Hot Plate w/ Diffuser Violin Luthier Specific Tools Peg Hole Reamer Peg Shaper Bending Iron Bending Strap Purfling marker Purfling cleaner F-Hole Cutter Plate Holder Soundpost Setter Inspection Mirror Soundpost Retriever Soundpost Gauge Template (DIY) Mold (DIY) Other Hand Power Drill Drill Guide I think I have all the wood I need to start on the first instrument, except for purfling material and the ebony pieces, including several pieces of scraps to screw up on before touching the main wood. I've already tried my hand at a small woodworking project making a handle for my knife. It was a disaster. I couldn't get the two halves to sit flush with each other. I need lots more practice flattening and squaring pieces with my plane, it seems. I'll give it another go some other time. For now, I'll be cutting into scraps of wood and sharpening my tools for a good while before I start with the blocks and rib garland. Stay tuned.
  4. PM sent regarding the smaller plane.
  5. Have you taken it to Kruno at his shop in Amarillo? He’s the only luthier within several hundred miles out here.
  6. I’m assuming it’s taken but if not, I’ll take them.
  7. Even better. Bear Skn
  8. I found the solution! plaid jockstrap.
  9. Hey Jackson! I was on the SW strings waiting list for several months before I got impatient and cancelled. I ordered an arching gouge and cornerblock gouge from Hans Karlsson earlier this month instead. Very easy to work with. I was just providing an update for folks in the US who might’ve been looking at the Stubai ones.
  10. If anyone is looking, it looks like the Stubai arching and corner block gouges are back in stock at Southwest Strings.
  11. I know there have a been a few of these threads in the past but the latest one I could find is over a decade old. What are your top 3 tools or pieces of equipment that you absolutely couldn’t live without and why?
  12. Just heard an interview with composer Eric Funk about his project with a Hungarian violinist. They made a documentary about it. https://www.montanapbs.org/programs/TheViolinAlone/#:~:text=The unlikely pairing of two,notion of “the possible”. The piece the composer wrote calls for the violinist to imitate various instruments of the orchestra and the violinist has to employ various techniques to achieve those sounds. Apparently, the man had to try out dozens of violins (and bows) to find a violin that could make all the sounds he wanted. I understand that the Strad he owns was not satisfactory for this particular project. If you look at some of the clips, it’s pretty amazing the different tone colors he can produce. One technique he uses is “ultra sul tasto” where he places the bow almost next to his left hand fingers to make a woodwind sound.
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