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  1. I thought that the more famous the violin is, the easier would be to get a good resource with its dimensions, but it seems that's not the case for Guadanini's. How unfortunate =/
  2. Hello guys, how are you doing? I'm in the process of ordering a new violin from a luthier here in Brazil, and I have to choose the model for him to base upon. I loved Guadagnini's violins, especially those he made with the steep upper palettes (f holes), from 1778 onwards, e.g. the Dorothy DeLay Guadagnini. We looked up for a poster with the actual 1:1 photos and measurements, but couldn't find any. The Strad has two posters, one is the 1774, and the other 1776, not really what I'm looking for, and both are sold out. Does any of you know where I can find posters of such instruments? I'd be very grateful.
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