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  1. Thanks to every one. I will take it to luthier on weekend (may be brobstviolinshop, they are like 15 min away). I also called the violin beautiful, they said the lower volume on strings other than A string, could be resulted from bass bar issue, but need to inspect in person to able to tell. @baroquecello, thanks understand now.
  2. many thanks to every one trying to help me out here. I can finally reply (new member can only post few per day) Hi, Richf, Here are pictures. It is very thin crack (from bottom to where fine turner) After doing research on the forum. It seems the crack is next to the bass bar. No gap or pop up between two sides of the crack. if I don't press down one side gently, a person probably can't tell (may be that is why I missed it at time of the purchase). The cause of the crack seems like a hit by seller (I now see the crack on his post) at edge, and because edge inlaid is chipping away, the crack just keeps going. Could you let me know if it needs to be opened to fix the crack or it can be repaired from outside without affect sound quality? (Open-up fix is about $700-$1000) @baroquecello yes, I was planning to take it to my son's cello teach, to see what he says. I also have two questions to gain my knowledge. 1) I have searched the forum and the internet, it seems 1/2 size cello is about 26" to 26.5" (e.g. my first 1/2 cello is 26.5 inch) However, this cello's body length is 24.5 inch. I have found a site saying 23-26 inch is consider 1/2 size cello. So who, where and when they make 1/2 size cello with 24.5 inch", because I cannot find any cello that is not 26 inch (ps: finger board is about 18-18.5 inch) 2) Open A string is very loud, then C, G and D strings have less volumes, could this cause by the crack or loose sound post or bass bar? many many thanks PS: Due to the crack, I have removed the bridge and loosing the strings to take away the tension from top. But I have no experience, I put it on the side, now the sound post falls down (probably because no tension pressing downward). I guess I have used all me luck. Well, at least I love the sound of the cello very much. hoping to fix it up soon and have my son to play it. He can't wait. because
  3. thanks for replying, so I just run down and took out 4/4 violin bow and compared with this 1/2 cello bow (or may be 1/4 cello bow?), and found out that head of 4/4 violin bow is only 2/3 (or 1/2) size of that cello bow. Also, the unnamed cello bow seems much thicker then the violin bow. I further took look, and found out that the unnamed cello bow tip is broken along with the top half of the white piece that is usually under the head of the bow, which make the tip of the head smaller. but even with the broken tip of the head, the head (bell shape?) itself is still kind smaller than Joseph Richter and my son's Glasser fiberglass bow (come with the first cello that I have brought), I will say it's head is only 80% of heads of Joseph Richter and my son's Glasser fiberglass bow.
  4. UPDATE: First of all, thanks every one replied, especially jacobsaunders and nathan slobodkin. Second, so said, that I found a crack on C string side, while I was trying it and found the A string is superior (volume and base, felt like the entire cello is shaking and the house is shaking with it , with its small size) while C, G and D has good bass but only half volume of A string. The crack is about 5-6 inch. I must hit it some where when drove home or did not inspect close enough at the point of purchase (I spend 4 min to looking for crack on this cello when with the seller). So, I will definitely see a luthier (probably with rehairing/new bow too). Any one can recommend a good luthier in Fairfax, VA (DC area)? I only found Fairfax Fine Violins 10782 Fairfax Blvd ste b, Fairfax, VA 22030 Brobst Violin Shop 5584 General Washington Dr, Alexandria, VA 22312 Seems Fairfax Fine Violins's fee is 10-20% more than Brobst Violin Shop in general. Any one has experience with the too or can recommend other luthiers in the area? (sorry, complete new to music instrument, just start to learn string with my son who just start his sting class) So my son want to lean cello and I brought him a used 1/2 Cello (The label says, HR String, Cleverland Ohio, Reg. H503, Model 9396, Oct. 1982), but he said the sound is not good (e.g. the C,G does not have enough bass). I think it is good enough, just not as good as his teaches $50K one. So I brought him another one, this one certainly does sound deeper with more bass (when comparing to the other 1/2 cello). But it does not have any label in side. It comes with two bows, one say Joseph Richter with very big tip and another bow does not have any name/brand but with a relatively smaller tip. Both bows' hairs are old/loose, I called the local violin luthier, they said rehairing is about $70 and their brand new student cello bow is also $70. Wishing if someone can provide some identification about the cello or bows. (if the bows does not worth more than $70, I probably will just buy their student cello bow instead of rehairing these two old bows). Also, if some one can lecture me (newbie in music instrument), the seller told me this is 1/2 size, but when I got home, the newly brought cello (body length 24.5 inch) is smaller than my first 1/2 cello (body length 25.5 inch), so are these two bows, they are also shorter. So did he gives the wrong size information or there can be different size for 1/2 size cello? Is possible it is actual a size down from 1/2, may be 1/4? The first set of pictures is the cello, the second set is the no-name bow that has small end tip than the other Joseph Richter bow (see the last picture), the last (third) set is the Joseph Richter bow, not sure if the regular factory bow that is no better than fire stick? Many thanks
  5. Thank you very much for the information. Will go to local store. I am in Fairfax, VA (DC/VA area). Will any one recommend good store (Foxes music is the one I have mentioned earlier the cheapest wood bow is 80) Any advice on what will be consider "good" bow? I am currently learning and practicing my violin with half hair left and the bow seems hollow plastic from cecilio bow (looks like wood, but I found out it is plastic by bitting it). Thanks in advance
  6. Good morning, while back, I brought my son a 1/2 size violin for his 4th grade string class. Unfortunately, he decided to learn cello, and I ended up learning the violin (felt it is waste to leave the violin to collect the dust). After few months of learning violin, I finally brought a used 4/4 size A. Schroetter violin (I think it is from Anton Schroetter Workshop) which came with a bow without the hair. So I am complete new to violin and have no music background. Wondering if any one can help to find out the value of the violin bow to see if the values is great enough to have it re-haired (+$50) or just buy new beginner wood bow $40 (online) or $80 at local violin store (ya, $80 is their cheapest wood bow). The bow is dark brown (color in the picture is more bright and red, the actual bow color is much darker) with light grains (looks like tinny light scratches), stamped "A. S****L" or "A. B****L" at the side, and at the bottom, it is stamped "GERMANY" I have removed the bow frog, it is heave with weight, I think the outside wood is ebony, the eye is kind metal on one side (same side with side stamp) and other side side has a thin layer that is look like pearl on top of metal.
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