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  1. Hi Margie, I am interested in the Art of Violin Making by Courtnall and Johnson. How much?
  2. Thanks for all of the input and information, everyone. It’s very interesting. Does anyone know which 1741 Guarneri he would have modelled this after? The arching is fairly full; stop length is 192.
  3. Thanks! Any information is appreciated. The violin has a stamp on back and label that says handarbeit by Ottomar Hausman but I know that labels don’t mean much….
  4. We bought my daughter a violin by Ottomar Hausman, likely from the 1950’s. It is a 1741 Guarneri model. Does anyone have any info about this maker?
  5. Check out: makingtheviolin.com. It has tons of useful information on making tools, templates and arching guides.
  6. Slurpy varnish may be the best phrase I’ve read on this site.
  7. I’m curious to know how many makers are using torrified wood on a regular basis and the pros/cons of doing so.
  8. Hi all. I don’t have much to offer being new to this endeavour but, I have just completed my second violin and it has a Sitka top (.42) paired with a nicely flamed big leaf maple back (.60). The sound at this early stage seems very clear and even. I’m working on its twin which is built using European spruce and maple and looking forward to comparing them.
  9. Thanks, Nikos! I had a friend a school with tint one of these out for me and it turned out great. The threads were much cleaner and stronger than I expected.
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