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    Baroque violin?

    Thanks for the reply Jacobsaunders. Yes it has a lot of cracks and repieced sections, including soundpost cracks on the front and back as you can see. Paid $100 or thereabouts, bought it for the sound. Is the straight neck common continuing into the 19th century? Apart from the scroll, the brown is mainly dirt In the process of cleaning it up. I'm not sure if the scroll/neck is original to the violin, it seems different in style and the varnish is different too. Edit: Sorry, I worded that badly. I meant to say it has a soundpost crack on the front. The back crack is a bass crack, not soundpost. Edit 2: I just had a poke inside with my endoscope (had to go through the soundholes as I couldn't be bothered removing everything at the moment). It looks like a through neck. Also there are strips of cloth glued to the side ribs? Does anyone happen to know why? It looks like there may have been cloth on the other ribs too that has been removed.
  2. Hi folks. I bought a violin that I think is Baroque, and hoping anyone might be able to help confirm that? I understand that Baroque violins have a straighter neck and wedged fingerboard, which this appears to. Or it might be transitional. I'm not sure of the nationality. There's an old repair label inside. I haven't hunted inside for a maker signature with my endoscope yet, but will get around to doing that. In all it looks a bit shabby and has obviously had a lot of repairs but the tone is beautiful and resonant. It is very responsive to play. I wasn't expecting it to sound like much but was pleasantly surprised. Probably why someone took the trouble to have so many repairs done. I've uploaded some photos. Also a quick audio I recorded in case that can help identify it (probably not I'm guessing) Just wondering if anyone thinks it's worth repairing further? One of the corners doesn't quite join up but the block is covering the gap. The pegs need bushing again. The cracks probably need looking at again too, and there's a slightly concave rib at the bottom. Also if anyone has any idea where it would have been made, that would be very helpful.
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