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  1. Good Morning, I was looking at a friend's child's 3/4 size bow needing a rehair, and I noticed that the mortise hole on the frog is round. The hair was long-gone, and so are the plugs, unfortunately. It almost looks like it was drilled at the factory, with just a hint of square sides at the bottom of the hole. I hadn't seen one like this, and was wondering if this roundish shape is common in the lower priced instruments or some other factor? What would be the best way to make a plug for this type of situation? There is a shallow cavity in the hole, on the ferrule (front) side of the frog. It is very shallow, with just a 'lip' on the top of the hole that faces the front of the frog. Would a simple dowel rod, shaped with a wedge on the ferrule side, be workable? Thanks for any tips/input on this!
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