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  1. I’m not sure if you can tell anything from these pictures? Label is rough but I remember my teacher telling me it was 1750s or 1760s.
  2. I don’t believe the scroll is original. I’ve read that most Widhalm scrolls were made from pear wood which did not stand the test of time. Not sure I understand the differences in labels? Can someone explain that one? Ill have to see if I can take some good pictures of the inside when I get home.
  3. I recently inherited my violin teachers violin who passed away, Dorothy Shaler. I’m so grateful to have had her teach me for so many years and she is missed. She gave me a Leopold Widhalm from the mid 1700s that she acquired long ago (got it in college and she was in her upper 90s). She was a great teacher but a terrible luthier, ha. Not sure the whole story, but she had taken away the original varnish and applied what was described to me as something you get off the shelf at Home Depot. I took the violin to get restored by a well respected luthier in my area. After a very lengthy process, I’m finally enjoying the outcome. Night and day difference in the sound. The lows are very full and boisterous and highs are delicate and smooth. The details outlined above is the only information I’m aware of and wonder if anyone can give me input, good or bad, about the violin: model, quality, repair job, etc. I’m just a player and don’t know much on craftsmanship.
  4. https://t2-auctions.com/auctions/lot/?csid=2199519232&cpid=3761979392&filter_key= I don't see a serial number on the inside.
  5. I wonder how common it is for a violin to have aspen?
  6. I'm looking to send off a couple of my bows to get papers on. I know of Salchow in New York is highly recommended. What are some of the other shops that are well recognized? Are some more specialized in French bows/German, etc.
  7. Good point. I definitely plan on doing that. Thanks for your response.
  8. Thanks for your input! That’s what I was told by someone else too. Perhaps 1920-1930? It is definitely my favorite bow. It will be passed down the family tree one day. What would you value this at right now in USD?
  9. I’ll take some better pictures when I get home tonight.
  10. Does anyone know around the time when this bow was made? I don’t know much information on it.
  11. Thanks for your expertise. What is the best way to tell between abeille and pernambuco?
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