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  1. Thanks everyone for the responses and info. I don’t play and have kept it for sentimental reasons. My daughter just started lessons so maybe when it gets passed on to her she may decide to have it repaired. But for me, I am happy that I learned more about its history and origins l. Thanks again to everyone who responded
  2. This was my grandfather’s violin it has ole bull written on tag and a date written in English of may 17 1721. I am trying to figure out if it was a trade violin from Germany or something else.it has been repaired or converted from a shorter neck and the angle has been changed or appears to have been. I have also included pictures of the bows one appears to have been stamped at some point but I can’t make anything out. Any help or information would be appreciated body is 14 in total Length is 23.5 width is 8 1/8 at widest point
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