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    Repair and restoration of musical instruments for contemporary and future musicians in Magherafelt - Northern Ireland.

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  1. I already have something, but I'm not satisfied (in my opinion inappropriate).
  2. It is important to determine the approximate origin of the violin, then there will be no problem with the head. I hope to find something suitable - Amati Auction.
  3. Hello: I am trying to repair (renovate) this violin, without a neck. I'm asking for your opinion. Interesting top end block (Upper block) and Bass bar - I don't think it's original. Could it be an English or German violin? I removed the dirt, The back plate and ribs were coated with a layer of wood protection - stain. Trying to remove it: 20 percent success :-( (I don't want to use scrapers). It's not the worst violin, maybe it'll be worth the effort.
  4. I'm not at all sure where to put this violin - can you please identify it. Nice head (Scroll), the work inside the violin is very nice. Thank you.
  5. Hello: Does anyone have more information on Julian Emery violin maker and repairer please? Google: Julian Emery - Violin maker and repairer based in Wales, UK. Julian was an extremely talented and respected Luthier. Saturday, 26th March 2022 Julian passed away peacefully at his home in Capel Bangor, aged 82 years. A violin of mine made by Julian Emery, Aberystwyth, Wales, 19... Thank you
  6. Saxon violin something between 1850-1880. Vogtlandish pattern and are original. I would guess it is something mid-19th century. My version: is worth giving them a chance. Englan version: Interior signed "Rprt v. F. Volomann in Glogau" he is only known as a repairman around 1880. Glogau was in Niederschlesien (lower Silesia), south-east of Saxony. However, he is only known as a repairman. German version: These violins were mass-produced in Schönbach and sold by many well-known dealers. Many were considered particularly valuable because of their antique-looking shape and often restored at great expense. Interior signed "Rprt v. F. Volomann in Glogau"(then Silesia). He is a descendant of a family of violin makers from Schönbach around 1880. However, he is only known as a repairman. But nothing what's worthwhile to repair here IMO. - it's that bad ?
  7. The f holes should be left alone, they are featuring a common Vogtlandish pattern and are original as they are now. I would guess it is something mid-19th century-ish - Thank you (F-holes no repair). German forum on Geige24? - yes. !!! I only found the information here - searching on the internet will destroy me one day :-) Thank you.
  8. The only thing I found on the Internet (Google) in German ! Volkmann Glogau ! . . . . . . . . Diese Geigen wurden massenhaft in Schönbach hergestellt und von vielen auch namhaften Händlern verkauft. Viele wurden wegen ihre antik anmutenden Form für besonders wertvoll gehalten und oft teuerst restauriert. Der Name deutet auf Volkmann Glogau (damaliges Schlesien) hin. Er ist ein Abkömmling einer Geigenmachersippe aus Schönbach so um 1880. Ist aber nur als Reparierer bekannt.
  9. 1) Violin believed to be owned by Robert Volkmann, interior signed "Rbrt v. F. Volomann en glogau"? Interior signed "Rbrt v. F. Volomann in Glogau". He is a descendant of a violinist's family around 1880. Glogau was in Niederschlesien (lower Silesia), south-east of Saxony. Violin in the cleaning phase, minor repairs needed, the signature was hidden under the label, f-holes damaged (Do I have to fix the f-holes: foto A) or B)? - pictures f-holes downloaded from the internet - I apologize to the owner of the photos). 2)Or Saxon violin something between 1850-1880? - Thx for comments.
  10. The ivory(?) lower saddle - probably yes. I will repair the violin and then we will see (in my opinion, a beautiful and interesting violin).
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