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  1. Excellent advice, I will take it to heart, I don’t naturally practice safety beyond intuition I think only owing to my good luck, so I will try to do better, I would feel a lot less comfortable if I didn’t have my uncle over my shoulder guiding my hands. Thank you all for the great advice, I’m sure I will have more questions in the future so I’m counting on your experience and wisdom to help me as I go, thanks again!
  2. Silly me not mentioning this from the start! I should have known better than to post without giving any context. Thank you for asking, the answer is basically none. I’ve thrown myself into the deep end by doing this, but I’m enjoying every moment. I am however very thankful to have my uncle who has worked with wood his entire life as a guide which is more valuable to me than anything else. With his help I’ve managed to finish the mold, using Brian Derbers Manual of Violin Making as a point of reference, but quite literally everything is a first experience for me.
  3. Thank you all for the advice! I had read a previous thread that seemed to lean more to the side of cheaper wood as a good starter but I see the sense in what all of you are saying. One way or another I will try my best! Is there a source online that you all commonly use when looking for wood, I would be very thankful to learn from your experience! And if there is anyone here in Colorado who knows of someone local or nearby or really any small shop I would love to support them if I can.
  4. I would like to buy cheap wood to make as many mistakes as I can with a first violin, I have home depot/ace/lowes near my house and woodcraft a little further, where do you think would be best to look? And what woods would you guys recommend starting out, as well as any specific qualities I should be looking for? Or should I avoid the details for now and work on the broad strokes first? If that makes sense. Would truly appreciate any help! You guys are the incredible!
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