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  1. Thanks again for the clear explanations. Yes the modified repairs find over time complicates matters and as you say the transition from loosely termed Baroque to modern didn’t happen overnight! I have an old Mittenwald Violin Circa 1750 fitted with a long neck but as tne instrument suffered a bad break including the back anf was repaired it assumed a completely new(old) neck with scroll was used as in photos.
  2. Very interesting and very clearly explained.Thanking You! I am also curious about the Baroque neck construction and length.....Is it safe to say that all early violins pre1800 had the typical short straight neck! The legnthening of the neck started with the increase in pitch around 1800 but I’ve seen violins built as late as 1830 with neck grafts and am assuming they were done to accommodate the new longer neck and not because of damage to the original neck.
  3. How common ea this type of neck construction on the old days and what countries used these?
  4. This is quite interesting as to the neck angles of the older Baroque cellos! Can anyone throw some light as to when the older Cellos were modified and how? Ive seen old violins with their original short necks that have been reangled but not lengthened. Also did this modification occur around 1820 like the violins?
  5. I understand Jeffrey and hear what you say but am only responding his negative and unessary stuff. Reading previous posts by all sorts of walks of life you will get various people with questions on all levels of understanding and now matter how much or how little a person knows about this subject they should always treat others like they want to be treated themselves! This shows respect and understanding towards them on this platform and you will rarely go wrong with this attitude!
  6. There is no need for negativity or sarcasm! You and others have demonstrated earlier that anyone can make a mistake so that by discouraging this person or others you can be doing more harm than good. Whi knows how many instruments you have overlooked that were quite decent!
  7. I didn’t say it was and it may not be....I don’t know but the amateurish answers and uncalled for arrogant attitudes towards the contributors here is uncalled for! Also I repeat anyone can make a mistake and have made mistakes and that’s why I say that one should listen to others and make their own unbiased decisions. When you or I or anyone and I’m not particularly concerned who they.....stop making mistakes.....then you have my undivided attention!
  8. You don’t even bother looking at it! What a Amateuriss statement! It appears that some of you guys got yourself a little group and prop each other up. Also if you did “look” at it properly and unbiased.....which you did not......you will have noticed it is only the angle that the photo was taken that gave the appearance of of the ribs being extended. They have not.The corners were damaged and Yes the repairer did not do a good Job to get them symmetrical but it appears Sheldon is right by asking and doubting you people that evaluating an instrument is very tricky at the best of times! Only excuse for you is you might be an amateur but if you are a so called “Expert”then that just reinforces what I And others are saying about Identifaction from Images! Do not take this the wrong way my friend because like is a learning experience but this is so important for anyone whether it be about Violins or Paintings or China! Have a look at “Fake or Fortune” on You Tube about the Turner paintings that were declared fake over 60 years ago.....now they are genuine! Anyone can be wrong and also this platform gives an opportunity for anyone whether knowledgeable or not to interact and find out things! It would be nice and acceptable if people can control their emotions and reply in a decent manner and not in tne way they treated Sheldon for asking a perfectly legitimate question!
  9. Hi Sheldon, I have been reading the answers that some have replied to you and I think they have been downright arrogant and uncalled for! Your Question was not Ignorant and I’m assuming you have some violin knowledge but wanted to expand on how anyone whether “Experts” or not can come to a such quick conclusion without making errors! Your Question shows you are a thinking man and tne type to investigate further before coming to a conclusion! This is is tne best attitude to have and please keep this attitude! Also do not take anyone’s opinion on a Violin especially identification seriously! Always look at things with an open mind and you will most likely come to the correct conclusion! Regards.A.K.
  10. No need for nastiness to Sheldon or anyone for that matter! He was asking a very important question! If you have to answer in such an aggressive way to him or anyone for that matter it shows your lack of emotional contril and people will doubt your inputs altogether however flawed or minor they may be!
  11. Very good questions! With Testores of all the family makers they worked pretty rough and unlike other makers their violins differed from instrument to instrument. I personally think thst a lot of mistakes have been made over many years about identification especially by so called “Experts”who some have more confidence than knowledge which is a very dangerous thing.
  12. Good observation on your part but looking at other Testores the scolls are quite rough and differ widely. The treble side corners were damaged and the repairer added wood and reshaped the corners albeit not symmetrical! It has no inlaid purfling although it appears in the photo that there is purfling
  13. I have a Violin which my father owned and he was told it was a Testore but the label is ineligible. Hoping that someone can identify it if they have something familiar. It has no purfling and has a neck graft! I want to sell it but don’t know what to ask until I got some idea of its maker! Thanks in advance.
  14. I have a Violin which is of the Testore family but label is indistinguishable. It may be a Paolo or Pietro am Unsure.
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