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  1. Where can I buy violin inlays? I've searched everywhere but can't find a shop where you can buy them. They are an essential part of every violin. Buying ebony veneer to make it yourself is very expensive.
  2. I also found these already of course. But the problem is, that i only have the outer proportions. But now measurements and no thickness of the wood on different places.
  3. I would like to build this cello model. Overall i find it very hard to find full measurements of different cello models. Montagnana Sleeping Beauty cello is a very common cello model so many people should have the specs. Or as an alternative, can you tell me where i can find or buy the Montagnana Sleeping Beauty cello measurements or printing, template etc. Im looking forward to your reply and say thanks in advance
  4. I'm also interested in building this model. May i ask where you got there measurements from?
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