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  1. Thanks George, happy to be here! I suspect it might end up in the slowly but surely and a labour of love bucket for the ugly duckling which may only ever grow up to be a duck hanging on a wall. In the more immediate future I might search for a better condition instrument on some of the auction sites as you suggested (thankfully MN has a few posts with links to help avoid the likes of Ebay).
  2. Ok thanks for the intel! Stripped as in removed and varnished again? There's a solid coat on top albeit a little worse for wear. It was purchased from a deceased estate and apparently the person who owned it had a few of these which he liked to repair, so it might be possible. The neck has been "repaired" and it looks like it was done to perhaps save keeping the scroll with the instrument or replace with a similar. edit: hahahaha, I see. The back plate reveals all!
  3. Hello everyone, I am about to embark on restoring this violin to playable spec and keen to understand where/when it was made. Originally when i purchased it five years ago from a seller who advised that it had been appraised and is "most likely" a circa late 1920's German Trade violin. Frustratingly the label doesn't tell my inexperienced eyes very much. If anyone has the skill to assess what it might be /when/where it was made I would be rapt. Otherwise any suggestions on who in Melbourne Australia is best placed to take a look at it (for a fee naturally). Thanks
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