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  1. Although I truly appreciate others concern for my emotional well being, I trust in your knowledge of these instruments. Actually your candor is what I was looking for. I had no doubt these where fakes. And it's been all over the family kept in poor condition. So it is pretty nasty. But it has good memories. So I'll just hang it up. Thank you for responding.
  2. My great grandfather brought this home from Europe in 1918 after he fought in WWI. The Violin has been in my family my whole 47 years and way before. It is not dated numbered or signed. Probably repro. Maybe German? The Bow is a Jas. Tubbs with ebony and mother of pearl. I know nothing about antique string instruments. This is all the info I have. Any help on what this really is would be appreciated. My Mother passed it to me. She is dying as we speak. Is it something to insure or just display?
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