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  1. Hi Guys, my partner who is a professional Viola player was wondering if she could find out some more info about her Violin. birds eye maple, back (Two Piece), Sides, Scroll and neck spruce top has a stainer label but doesn’t have the arches top like other stainer models we have come across. any info would be super helpful as she is looking to sell or Insure if she goes on tour again! adrian and elvina
  2. Yeah it’s pretty scary and weird, never seen something like this, I restore violins but not sure I want to do this one! but to be fair it doesn’t have a crack or split, even though it looks like this! will put up pictures when it’s done as needs fingerboard and fully set up.
  3. Hi all i have got in this very unique and interesting 4/4 violin, it’s etched all over and is very different to violins I have had in. just wondering if anyone knew anything about this instrument as it was found in a bone yard clearance
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