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  1. Hi guys I'd like to point out that I'm not Violin Maker, however I do have a serious passion for making violins. My eight-year-old daughter came home five years ago and very unexpectedly said she would like to play the violin. Since then I've made 13 violins. Anyway my latest violin is called the Godzilla violin! I know this seems a bit strange but I'm making it for an 11-year-old boy who simply loves Godzilla. Obviously a Godzilla violin has to have a Godzilla head instead of a scroll. Seriously I've looked everywhere but I can't find any information of how to carve a Lions head scroll. My thinking is if I can see how to carve a Lionshead scroll then maybe I'll be able to carve a Godzilla head. I'd be very thankful to anybody who could help me on this one :-)
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