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  1. Does anyone have pdf of arch tempted for strad messiah. I tried printing them off of makingtheviolin.com but they were but the right size.
  2. When starting the scroll does the initial block need it be perfectly square? My main concern is the angled piece at the base of the neck. If my wood isn't square and I lay it on its side and cut that angle I'm concerned that when I put it on the violin it will angle the neck either left or right? Is this the case if I don't start with a square block? Or is all that matters is that the top be perfectly flat for the fingerboard?
  3. When jointing the top plate. How close do the boards need to come together. I have a 22 inch jointer planer. I clamp the boards side by side an go to town. The boards seem flat relative to the jointer but when I put the boards together light shows through the gap. I'd say it's maybe a 1mm gap 2mm at the very most...if I was making a tabletop I'd pull it together and call it a day but is this insufficient for a violin? Any ideas on why I can't get it perfect? Is there such thing as perfect?
  4. Anyone have arching templates that are printable for top and back. I'm doing the Kreisler model but it's my first violin so any arching templates will do.
  5. Hey guys, I'm about to starty first violin and need gouges...I found some gouge sets online but I feel like I'll be spending 100 or more on a big set and only using one or two of them...could anyone recommend the basic must have gouges by size and sweep ECT. That way I can just buy the specific individual gouges I need to get started .
  6. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has a correctly sized template for making a Strad. G Mold that they wouldn't mind posting...I've seen several iterations browsing the forum but wasn't sure if any of them were worked out to the right dimensions.
  7. So spf stands for spruce, pine, or fir, it means the lumber is one of those 3 but I don't know which...I have no access to willow or spruce trees I live in Georgia....my only options are home depot spf or find an online site to overpay for spruce....I think Douglas fir is stronger than spruce but higher density and therefore mass.... Should I use that?
  8. Anyone know of a good place in US to get spruce for corner blocks? Can I use the wood at home depot that is spf?
  9. Im looking for a Guarneri poster if anyone has one to sell. Prefer one with the rib template on the back. Or a PDF of it if anyone has a pdf that will print full size
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