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  1. Hi, Ive been reading a little on plate tuning but cant seem to find a good resource that really details how to do it. To the best of my understanding I have to hold the plate on the mode 2 and mode 5 line and tap the plate to let audacity record and analyze it. Then Look for the 2 highest peaks? Looking at some of the examples there seem to be a lot of peaks not sure which is which? And then shave it until the frequencies of those two peaks are at the desired range for each plate? Is this the basics of it? Any resources that go into detail on the actual process? Everything I have found seems vague...I found a video on the vigdorchik plate tuning method and it seems more methodical and easier to understand? Is that a better way to go? Especially for a 1st violin?
  2. Hi, Has anyone found any affordable yet decent quality thumb planes? I am just getting started and do not want to spend 100 dollars per plane on the IBEX ones yet the chinese ones I find on ebay seem....questionable? Which is why I ask? Has anyone found a decent brand other than ibex that isnt as expensive. Or any that you can recommend for a beginner to get started without spending a fortune?
  3. I can trace a poster just not sure how to accurately scribe a line inside the tracing since the poster is wider than the ribs. That's the part I think I will doo poorly...
  4. That's perfect! Thanks! Is that a particular violin model? It doesn't matter which but I wondered what it's based of of. I'm going to print this up on thick cardstock and get started
  5. Hi, Im about to start on my first violin and would like to see if anyone has a good resource for a good printable inside mold template...I Know that I could trace one of the strad posters and what not but do not feel I'd do a good job and would prefer something I could print and copy to plywood to make inside mold.
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