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  1. Carly R.

    Violin ID

    Thank you for these comments Duke, Guido, Blank Face and George! As the family lore goes, the instrument is German, c. 1900. I believe this info came from the music shop that sold it to my uncle around 1950. Not sure if these details have always been carefully or accurately passed down through the years, so make of them what you will. But it's a fine enough instrument, I play it regularly. A nice choice for orchestra playing. Two questions: 1.) What pics or details would help make a more concrete ID? I'm not confident of getting nice interior shots, and I'm reluctant to pull the endpin. But I can surely make things brighter, per your comments. 2.) We have the original case somewhere in storage. The case is a flimsy thing that I'm told is original to the violin. Would that help make an ID?
  2. Carly R.

    Violin ID

    Bumping this, just to see if there are any more thoughts on this ole fiddle. Thanks!
  3. Carly R.

    Violin ID

    French?? Then a belated Happy Bastille Day to this violin!! Thanks for your posts, Jacob and Shelbow. Are there specific details that mark it as a Mirecourt instrument? Or specifically from the Laberte workshop? I would be fascinated to know! As requested by Philip, here are a few closeups of the bow that's always been with the violin. It has become a bit stiff and isn't my first choice for playing these days, but the tone is still sweet. I'm also adding a better photo of the center bout, in case that clarifies anything. Jacob mentioned some of my pics were out of focus -- indeed, it appears I used the same camera he used to take his profile pic
  4. Carly R.

    Violin ID

    Share them! I'll snap some pics of the bow and upload them soon. Thanks for your reply, Philip
  5. Carly R.

    Violin ID

    Hello all! And a Happy Bastille Day to those that celebrate it! Can you tell me anything about my family's violin? It has been well played and well loved, but we know little of its history or provenance, aside from a few details passed down through generations. I'm not sure how much of that is true, so I'll refrain from sharing it here. I couldn't get any good interior pics, and besides it has no label. I'd welcome any thoughts about its background, even wild speculation. So don't hold back Thanks in advance! Carly ps. I did my best with the pictures, but some aren't quite as sharp as I'd like. Please let me know if there are any details that might help with an ID.
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