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  1. Do ig links work? https://www.instagram.com/p/CRMYhstrE3z/?utm_medium=copy_link if so Ill add more there and do that. I think I have slightly better photos of the label. Hard to do w a flashlight and a cellphone. I also have old bows and other stuff in the case. I know it needs some babying should have seen how it was when I got it :/
  2. Thanks guys. I didnt not respond on purpose it said I couldnt post anymore for 24 hours. Is there a way to post the pics elsewhere so it doesnt take up so much space? I will try to resize not sure how to do that.
  3. Hey. Another newbie here. Ive done a bunch of research about my uncle's violin. Pretty positive the label is fake lol but I have learned a ton. Interesting journey into old violins. As a newbie how do I post pics to get some info about it and show off some interesting stuff....like the friedrich & bro chin piece with the church and graves carved in it? Anyway he got it at 12 in 1955. His aunts owned a music school in NYC. It's Labeled Gand Luthier eleve Lupot 1830. Which Gand did study under Lupot but not in 1830. Has a Friedrich & Bro chin piece from NYC. That guy died in 43 I think. He did import violins and has some interesting info online but I cannot find another chin piece remotely similar to this one? It looks like maybe it let me upload 1 pic but not anymore. Maybe as a comment?
  4. I dunno but love all the details. Really pretty. I have one im also trying to get details on but getting frustrated lol. So many false leads.
  5. Any more info on this violin? I have one that this one reminds me of. Different but similar.
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