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  1. https://www.electricviolinshop.com/sensicore-violin-high-a.html Good news we have this High A String for Soprano Violin so you could tune C, G, D, A (a fourth above a Standard Violin) made by Super Sensitive. It's a very light gauge string but it's coated to protect it.
  2. You would need special Strings made for that called "D, A, E, B Quint Higher Strings". They're working on Helicore versions of those strings which are stronger.
  3. Also w/ advanced Technology we now have Helicore strings which are thinner to help w/ bowing on the strings.
  4. Come on, the Air will come out of the F Holes so maybe it's useful.
  5. A digital caliper might help with measuring the Diameters of the strings in Thousandths of an inch
  6. They're only a bit thicker but not too thick, they're just the right size to produce a good sound. Improvements in technology means better strings & better tone.
  7. So here's the Helicore (Steel Rope Core Flatwound) Cello String set, it's for 1/8 Size cellos but it can be used on 1/10 Size Cellos too. The top 2 Strings are Wound in Titanium which is usual but here's where it gets interesting. The Bottom 2 Strings are Wound in Tungsten & Nickel, that is the outer wrap wire layer is Nickel but there's a layer of Tungsten beneath it to make the string a little denser.
  8. Helicore Strings are my favorite because the 2 lowest strings actually have tungsten to make them feel denser.
  9. D'addario Helicore Strings work around that issue by being made thinner & easier to bow on, they're my favorite.
  10. Holding it like a Nyckelharpa w/ a Strap should help. I call it a "Citolin", it's a hybrid of a Citole & a Violin.
  11. That is neat. Steel Strings are actually Flatwound so they're easier to bow on
  12. It's a Yamaha Sitar-Geigenwerke cause it has Buzzing bridges to make it sound more like a Dilruba (bowed Sitar).
  13. Actually D'addario makes a High E String for 5 String Viola (from their Helicore line) which is coated in tin to protect it.
  14. Having said that, I have replaced those Gut strings w/ Custom made Giegenwerke (aka Bowed Harpsichord) Flatwound strings cause w/ that many strings to keep in tune, Steel Flatwounds make a big difference. Also alot of information about these kinds of strings (I use Mechanical pegs on my 5 String Cello for easier tuning).
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