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  1. Yes it is funny how that happens! I would second that from Philip,maybe a new thread ,for reference.
  2. My go to for a while is, Ludwig's Grand Fugue Op. 133 , beautiful. Also a bit outside the terms maybe Pithecanthropus Erectus, Charles Mingus.
  3. Thanks, Looks very nice. I've never played one of the higher end Roth violins. I like the look of them, must be my'merican blood.
  4. Yes, that's if the new owner doesn't mind of course. Glad everything worked out with it Michael.
  5. Yes I thought so as well Blank face, And Jacob hasn't been made a Lord yet has he?
  6. Christian Sorry for your loss,you were lucky to have had such a friend. all the best, Tone
  7. That seems to be what happens with all markets at some point Also thanks for the pics, if you're comfortable posting more detailed ones I know I'd be interested. I've never seen a Roth instrument but from you've said from your correspondence with the company it sounds like a top model. regards
  8. Hi Michael, Would love to see some pics if that's possible.
  9. Hello Andreas and good folk, Christine Busch uses a violin from the 18th century It states in the liner notes "probably from made in South Tirol" A nice recording. Nice to be here
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