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  1. Thanks for your replies! I'm just bumping this up in case anyone else can add anything.
  2. Hello All! This is such a helpful forum. I wonder if anyone can give me some feedback about this cello? The seller believes it is a Czech cello from the 1940s. There are two labels inside--one reads "Opravil Frantisek Zyka mistr houslar Brmno 194..." and I have learned a little about Mr. Zyka. The second label just above looks older and possibly original. It reads "Paul Beuscher luthier 27 Boulevarde Beaumarchais 1929 Paris" Am I correct in guessing this cello was probably sold at the Beuscher shop maybe as early as '29 and repaired by Mr. Zyka in the 1940s? The cello is in great shape and sounds really good. It has one crack at the bottom about an inch to the right of the saddle that was repaired at some point. The repair seems solid. The price tag is around $10,500 US dollars.
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