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  1. there are some old method of gluing cleat inside with out opening the instrument or using clamp, drilling super small hole and fish a cleat with a wire to direct the cleat to the place and enforce the glue. hopefully someone has a picture or can do a explanation farther . this has been used for fast and cheap on cheap violin. also you can use two small magnet as well .
  2. Thanks for the help I just needed to know what the mark is .I got big container full of old bow for dirt cheap at garage sale and I didn't expect this to be the real thing, but not knowing what was the branded mark drove me crazy, thanks to you now I know what it is. I don't feeling to post alot of this type of question to watst valuable time of the site's members otherwise there will be material for ever. Maybe I post 10 at the time and if someone can post one of them out to learn about.
  3. Thanks for the tip, I tried to upload better pictures
  4. Hi to all, please if you can figure out what is this bow let me know. Thanks for your help
  5. Hi everyone, please let me know if you can read inside this violin. Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. Hi everyone, Hopefully the god and goddess of violin wont strike me after what I am about to say, There is thing called polymer clay , I fixed the nose of one of these guys and it turn OK .there is a little shrinkage after baking the clay
  7. Rezgar


    Thank you so much, I have been trying to find anything about him and had no luck. Now at least I can be sure he exists .
  8. Rezgar


    Hi everyone, I was wandering if anyone would know about this 15.5 inches viola. I can't manage to find anything straight about the maker from Budapest. I thanks all for kind professional comments in advance.
  9. Hello again, you are right perhaps, and I wouldn't argue on that . Would it make any more difference if it has full blocked and inside or outside molding? Also my question was if there is good information about type of varnish to pin point the area and date for Markneukirchen made violin or its too complicated? Again thanks for your help and patience.
  10. Thanks notice my point Mr Saunders , I don't want to say I m an expert but I have been making violin for years and I only used oil varnish on my violins. test I have done was alcohol test and no mater how aggressive I was it didn't effect th varnish at all But if there s a better effective way to confirm it I am all ears to listen.
  11. Thanks for your expert opinion, I would take words "quite nice " from you any time. But out of curiosity, was it common to have the oil varnish on a dutzendarbeit instead of speedy spirit? Is there anyway to recognize different regions and date by the varnish?
  12. Hello all, I have this violin and not sure what really is . I was wandering if the experts here would be kind and take look at it. I'm a new member and can't reply as fast as I want due to restrictions of post per day. Just want to thank you for your comment and opinion. Violin is nice and brilliant clear playable has alot if repair done to it,with some new hair line crack which need to be fixed before set it up again. Fingers crossed for the results
  13. Rezgar

    violin bow ID

    Hi, I just wanted to thank you all for taking the time and comment. Sorry it was a bit late to thank, I only can do one post a day due to be a new member.
  14. Rezgar

    violin bow ID

    Sorry tonight I will upload better picture, I look around saw some theaters looking bow claiming that ,they are swiss made with models range numbers. But as far as expertise ,I do take your advice. Thanks for taking time and look
  15. Rezgar

    violin bow ID

    Hi, how would you see chinese in it?would you kindly explain please.
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