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  1. Ohhh yes, I have heard of it.. sorry it's sometimes confusing to me some terms in english, since my native language is spanish, but yes, I have had a hard time finding good dyes here, but it's a very fun process trying to extract from flowers, roots or other woods
  2. What is that "transparent dye"? never heard of it (well I have been making violins for a very short time haha) I've tried mixing with rosewood in shellac and it sticks a bit to it, but it tends to fades away with time, I'm currently trying to search for flowers or other stuffs that seems "yellow" to try to mix it with the Turmeric. In my third violin I did that and it worked for the moment, but I screwed a bit the varnish work. Gamboge works great for yellow, in my short journey in violinmaking this is my favorite at the moment but the only problem is that is poisonous and a bit of a
  3. I'm having some issues on how to respond haha never been on a forum before so I'll answer here Shelbow thanks for your kind words! Ctanzio I used Gamboge and a bit of turmeric for the yellow, Padouk for a bit of red and rosewood for making it a bit darker, all of this in shellac. FoxMitchell, It sound quite good, at least for my own opinion haha, It has a very warm sound, focused more on the low than the high but its a very balanced sound, at the moment it has Pirastro Tonica and it sound great, I would put some Evah Pirazzi on this one, so it gets a bit more of brilliance beca
  4. Hi all! I'm Alan, I'm a violinmaker in process from Chile, I did a course here and since then I've been trying to make violins.. at the moment I have 3 violins and other on the go. This is my first violin, I named it "Manatí", I finished it on 2019 in Santiago, Chile. It took me a while because I could only attend the course one day per week. hope you like it! nice week to all!
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