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  1. Dear Shelbow, Am in total agreement. Time for me to return to Cremona. Was last there in 1983. I have a great motive now....
  2. I am also sorry for any negative and untoward remarks that I may have made.....
  3. It's on YOUTUBE entitled " Elegy".....performed with my trio TRIO AETERNUS. The Armenian composer Arno Babajanian wrote this piece in homage to his great friend and composer KHACHATURIAN...when KHACHATURIAN died.
  4. Please everybody, A " peace offering".....do take a moment and have a listen to my " Luigi Azzola in action .... That's why I love this violin.... Many thanks https://youtu.be/VgmWaJbMPfY
  5. Dear Strad, I stand corrected with what I said about the the label..... but I have the utmost respect for all experts and those who love the " other side" of playing the violin....Sometimes one takes a wrong turn and eveything gets out of hand. I am not trying to show anyone up....and all I have said is in good faith. We are all here because we share the same passion in this field. And there is nothing more enriching than sharing experiences.
  6. https://youtu.be/VgmWaJbMPfY Dear all my Luigi Azzola in action!!!! This is why I love this violin.
  7. Just because nobody has seen a pre-1920 Luigi Azzola, we should not denigrate and simply ridicule the possibility that the instrument I possess is in fact the genuine article...... Time for me to get the written certificate from ERIC BLOT.... and observe the eating of humble pie!!!!!!
  8. I bought the violin from violin maker and dealer Colin Nichols in London 1996 for £6000 and trading in my old violin. He had bought the violin in auction for £3000.
  9. Please Blankface, This is not a 1930-50 Czech violin......it was sold in the 1990's in auction in London as genuine italian violin by LUIGI AZZOLA for £3000.... not " school of " or " ascribed to" but " made by"....
  10. Dear Blank face, I guarantee that this is the same violin. These are photos I took over the last 2 days. I am not here to try deceive everyone. This all started because I was asked to share photos of my LUIGI AZZOLA from 1916
  11. " A long history"... That's pretty OTT..... I joined in June and what is " stretching the truth" supposed to mean? It's so easy to pass judgement on others. All I have done here is share photos of my violin which I am very proud to have and state it has had a verbal appraisal from a knowledgeable expert.
  12. Dear Fiddlecollector....do you have a photo of the front?
  13. Many thanks fiddlecollector! Any chance of seeing the front?
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