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  1. Dear Jacob, Many thanks .... I don't know how an earth I missed that... I have the Grünke book....
  2. Dear all, Has anybody heard of an archetier called " SEBASTIAN SCHNEIDER" or is this some form of trade name? Many thanks.
  3. Dear Shelbow, Am in total agreement. Time for me to return to Cremona. Was last there in 1983. I have a great motive now....
  4. I am also sorry for any negative and untoward remarks that I may have made.....
  5. It's on YOUTUBE entitled " Elegy".....performed with my trio TRIO AETERNUS. The Armenian composer Arno Babajanian wrote this piece in homage to his great friend and composer KHACHATURIAN...when KHACHATURIAN died.
  6. Please everybody, A " peace offering".....do take a moment and have a listen to my " Luigi Azzola in action .... That's why I love this violin.... Many thanks https://youtu.be/VgmWaJbMPfY
  7. Dear Strad, I stand corrected with what I said about the the label..... but I have the utmost respect for all experts and those who love the " other side" of playing the violin....Sometimes one takes a wrong turn and eveything gets out of hand. I am not trying to show anyone up....and all I have said is in good faith. We are all here because we share the same passion in this field. And there is nothing more enriching than sharing experiences.
  8. https://youtu.be/VgmWaJbMPfY Dear all my Luigi Azzola in action!!!! This is why I love this violin.
  9. Just because nobody has seen a pre-1920 Luigi Azzola, we should not denigrate and simply ridicule the possibility that the instrument I possess is in fact the genuine article...... Time for me to get the written certificate from ERIC BLOT.... and observe the eating of humble pie!!!!!!
  10. I bought the violin from violin maker and dealer Colin Nichols in London 1996 for £6000 and trading in my old violin. He had bought the violin in auction for £3000.
  11. Please Blankface, This is not a 1930-50 Czech violin......it was sold in the 1990's in auction in London as genuine italian violin by LUIGI AZZOLA for £3000.... not " school of " or " ascribed to" but " made by"....
  12. Dear Blank face, I guarantee that this is the same violin. These are photos I took over the last 2 days. I am not here to try deceive everyone. This all started because I was asked to share photos of my LUIGI AZZOLA from 1916
  13. " A long history"... That's pretty OTT..... I joined in June and what is " stretching the truth" supposed to mean? It's so easy to pass judgement on others. All I have done here is share photos of my violin which I am very proud to have and state it has had a verbal appraisal from a knowledgeable expert.
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