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  1. Hi! I was just researching my Stelio Maglia viola and found your post. The signature on my viola looks the same except on yours he put his last name first. I read his biography and he attended luthier school in 1942, so maybe your label just has the wrong year. I feel the same as you, I LOVE my viola. Finding it 20 years ago changed my life and enabled me to excel as a violist in ways that were not possible before. Best, Wendy Cingia de' Botti (CR), May 25, 1925 - Monte Grance (Buenos Aires), 1993 Biography:Son of Ottorino, he attended the Scuola Internazionale di Liuteria of Cremona School in 1942, under the guidance of Carlo Schiavi and Peter Tatar, graduating in 1947. He participated in the 1949 at the Mostra-Concorso of Cremona with a violin and in 1952 he emigrated to Argentina, in Buenos Aires Aires. His production was inspired by the Stradivarius models, Guarneri of Jesus and Maggini. Label:Stelio Maglia / Diplomato della Scuola Int. Liuteria / fece in Cremona Bibliography:Jalovec 1958; Nicolini 1982; Saravì 2002
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