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  1. Thank you for your advice. I'm a new comer to here. It's great to hear things like this.
  2. Another suspicious one. The seller does not say this is Pistucci's, but as an armature player, I have not opinion about the autheticity. I feel sorry there are many suspicious items appear on the Yahoo auction. https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/s832004657
  3. So, have you changed the color that red into this yellow? Amazing! and beautiful!!
  4. I'm sorry for hearing that. Could you share more story about Byron with us?
  5. I was planned to go the last year, but couldn't, because of this pandemic. And everyone makes mistakes, as find it in my last post. Thanks
  6. Beautiful! When did you visit there? I want to know why you post it now (twice) out of curiosity.
  7. Thanks. If this eBay's one is authentic, the JP-Yahoo's one is definitely not. The differences are apparent. Now the highest bid is about $20 usd.
  8. Thank you, @Blank face. Yes, there are lots of suspicious items on the site. And what makes me surprised is that the seller of this item seems to be a luthier based on the other photos of thier item list: https://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/seller/alies71230
  9. The seller does not say this is Jung's violin. They say just it's an old German violin in a good condition. And they say the seemingly crack at the center of the top is not a crack but a darkening of color because of the over 100 ages. I don't have no idea of its authenticity as usual. https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/aucton/n525365540
  10. Now, it's 11,500 yen! I'll keep watching how much the final price goes up to.
  11. Thanks. The bow is also suspicious. To my poor eye, the differences of f holes are apparent and the scrolls of Tarasconi's are beautiful, but this one is not. Thanks a lot.
  12. In Japan, Yahoo auction is the most popular auction site. I will post the items I have an interest in (not mean I will bet), to know more about the violin and violin makers. This is the first one. Seller tells us it's Tarasconi 1898. I have no idea if it's authentic. Please make me wise. Thanks. https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/d539949315
  13. Honestly speaking, this trouble happened when I became a member and tried to post a pic for my profile. So I feel sorry. I have still not able to post a pic.
  14. Dear Knunsakee Because you posted this, I read the whole of this thread, and found it's great! Thanks! And I want to see the photos. Yoshiki
  15. https://maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/349145-more-trouble-with-maestronet-loading/
  16. But, the problem seems to be in "software" side, not "hardware"...
  17. Is the description about f holes correct? Does the shape of f holes suggest the violin is from Mittenwald? Aa an armature player, I'm not sure, but it does not look like Mittenwald violin to my eyes.
  18. Thank you, romberg flat I enjoyed watching the video although I have not understood any words except for last few minutes. However, I feel now I know more about Dr. Kresnik.
  19. Thank you, Violadamore, for introducing an interesting article. I'm not a specialist of violin making and its history. But to me, an amateur violin player, the Kresnik's violin seems to be modern. So, I wonder the author's survey, which concludes he was a self-taught luthier and learned from the old violins such as Del Gesu's etc., lacks some important parts of his background as a luthier.
  20. Wow, it looks to sound good! I googled and found this page: https://reverb.com/item/900811-1936-jacques-leclerc-violin-mirecourt-france
  21. Very interesting story and violin! I'd like to know the thoughts from Masetroneters about the bow as well.
  22. Thank you for sharing your very nice bow. I learned many from this thread.
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