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  1. Yes it was. Any insights appreciated. thanks !
  2. Hi everyone Does the varnish of the back look old in any way ? Thanks
  3. Thanks ! So the purfling is not original ? Could it be that linings and blocks had been replaced ? here is picture of the back with UV…
  4. Thanks for your comments ! As per the auction house expert, It is supposed to be an "Italian violin, 18th century, Milanese school". Received it this morning. Here are additional pictures of inside and purfling. It has corner blocks and linings. Is Milanese 18th century possible ? 1156503630_InsideCorner1.heic 609542181_InsideCorner2.heic Scroll Fluting.HEIC
  5. Thanks. Here are pictures of the scroll. More photos when I will receive the violin... indeed from an auction
  6. Hi Here is a violin I have and wondered what it could be. Thanks
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