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  1. I'll post some pics soon thx
  2. I was told by my learned friend that was in the music business for years (after I told him I found a nice violin) that I "had a very nice fiddle and a cheap violin". Really makes sense. Maybe. I've never seen a nice violin in my area of repair. I have played 20 and 30 thousand dollar Martins and have had a Gibson Super 400 in my lap. There is a quality difference indeed. I love repairing the fiddles and violins and will continue. I'm enjoying this blog page too. Thanks from GA
  3. I have a Wilkanowski violin. Any input? Pros Cons? Pictures later. Some decent info on him online although not many instruments sell. I saw a couple at 1000-1200 range once Thanks
  4. File sizes make this difficult for my novice tech skills. Heres a beginning. I'll try to send more
  5. I traded for an older instrument recently that has a "Mays Badgett" repair tag in it. Anyone familiar? I think he made instruments according to an ad in the Atlanta Paper from 1927. My tag is from 1907 and another for his wife Mabel Badgett that made??? strings??? Plays and looks sound. No other marking or labels unless they are covered by repair label. A real puzzle. I know it's probably cheap but it's a guinea pig for me. Any records of the name will be appreciated
  6. I have it back together and it sounds like a fiddle. (Strad of course as seen in the photo) haha! Mission accomplished! My weakness is finishes. Dyes and colors. I'm improving as I go. I follow Daniel Violin on YouTube and got the idea for the neck button fix there along with other techniques. There a lot of good sites that are helpful there. This was the third attempt on Granpas fiddle. The real issue was the neck failing. The button being the issue all along. Next will be bow hair.....it looks very tedious. I have tried it only a little. I'll be reaching out to you all for laughter and advice. JMo! PS: J L M...Grandpa.
  7. I hope to find answers on here so I can more enjoy my repairing and collecting stringed instruments. My Grandfathers fiddle. The reason I got started with this disease.
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