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  1. Yes, they are pictures of the same violin.
  2. Yes yes. I reckoned as much judging from previous posts on Tirol or Tyrolean violins. On that note, how IS a 19th century Tirol violin supposed to look like?
  3. Hi all, we recently acquired a German violin advertised as having an unreadable label. We got it for the sound first and foremost, and figured that we will go to the details later… Now we have the violin in hand, I was hoping that the experts on this forum can shed some lights to its origin. Some part of the label is barely visible, and I believed it says “Tirol 1840”…
  4. Thanks for the crucial note on how the string is anchored, I did not know that. For this reason alone, it will indeed seem pointless.
  5. Hi all, firstly, I do clean the string every time after a playing session. Despite best effort, I think rosin buildup on the strings is inevitable. Up to a point, the buildup will dull the sound, especially the lower strings. I have thought of adding monthly alcohol cleaning into the routine, but I guess this will have limits as well (and risk as well if not done properly). Assuming the strings are in good condition along the fingerboard, any thoughts if one is to remove the ball from the tailpiece end, and tie a knot (or two) at the peg end of the string, and flip the string around? Not sure if strings are made with orientation regarding which ends go to which. I have not try it, but probably give it a go when string changing time comes.
  6. Thank you all for your inputs. As most suggested, we will leave it alone. Cheers and stay safe!
  7. Here's the area marked. It is very slight and I hope it is just the OCD in me LOL. But if it is something that will develop into serious failure in the future, I would like to correct it early. The chips are indeed wear and tear. Other than these, the violin sounds great and play like a dream!
  8. Hi, I started reading the wonderful posts in this forum since the beginning of the year and this is my first post. I am not a player, but my boy is, and I would like to learn as much about the violin to support him as the “equipment manager”. Recently, I realised that at the lower treble bout of my son’s violin, there is a very slight indent to the rib. I have read about deformed rib due to humidity changes; tight chinrest, etc. But I am not sure what caused the indent on this violin. I have 2 questions and hope that the folks here can provide some advice: 1) is this something that needs to be attended immediately? Or leave it be? 2) it does not looks like impact damage (I am guessing) and would like to know what can case a slight indent like this. If this is due to user error, we would like to correct it and prevent further aggravation. I am a noob at this, so apologies if this is really no source for concerns. Regit
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