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  1. I think i may try the 15-30$ "hack job" to see what they can do, since it isn't an expensive violin. the only other thing i was wondering is if it is possible that the sound post is adding to the problem by maybe being too long ? I would have thought that with the large opening the sound post would have fallen or at least moved but that thing is as snug as can be. Maybe that's a good thing though.
  2. I started to remove the fittings of this violin in preparation to fix this myself as I do with most everything. I realized though that this may be beyond my ability since the wood of the side is popped out further than the base. It seems like it would require more pressure than I have, to keep it in the correct place while the glue is curing. Either that or like a mold to hold it . I sent these pics to a few shops and some said 15-35$ others said 70-80$.( I got this violin second hand for a steal online and saw why as soon as I opened it. Everything is there and aside from the blazingly open seam, its just a little scratched up here and there. It sounded pretty good even with an open seam. Seems like instead of replacing the unraveling strings the previous owner just kept tightening them to make up for the flat sound. Essentially the tail was pulling up the wood from the tightened strings and the chin rest was holding it from separation on one side) I just wanted to get a working violin for practice . What is a reasonable price for just getting the seam closed properly ? Is it even worth it ?
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