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  1. I saw the post below from aikiwat in 2011: As for Michael Bodak...he was my grandfather's best friend and someone my father knew as a young man-- I was told by my father, that at one time my grandfather's attic was full of Bodak violins--- Michael Bodak had a small shop inside his home a few blocks from Gratiot and Van Dyke in Detroit--He had a couple sons,one tragically killed on a Detroit sidewalk-- This confirms it is my G Grandfather as my Grandfather, one of 2 sons (my mom kept in touch with his brother who she called Uncle “Gay” short for maybe Gaylord). Backstory: My Grand
  2. I have 2 Violins made by my Hungarian Great-Grandfather Michael Bodak from Detroit, Michigan. There is a plaque at the base of the Statue of Liberty with his name on it that I saw in 2005! My Grandfather, his son was Michael Gene Bodak, my mother is Carol Gene Bodak Loveland, his only child and his Birth Certificate from Detroit states that his mother was Shoshone Indian. I am hoping after reading the posts regarding Michael Bodak Violin Maker and sharing my family information, that I have finally found information I’ve been looking for over many years since my family members have all passe
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