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  1. Eh, it's about the romanticism more so than the price or convenience. Especially since there's supposed to be a huge big leaf maple down at a different property I have access.
  2. Oh man. That's a much more interesting discussion. Ferrari vs Honda? Sure, go for the Ferrari and bumble around town in a civic or an odyssey. But 348 vs NSX, that's potentially a conversation.
  3. My job puts me adjacent to some campground operations on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. We've been instructed to remove all the leftover rounds from a tree that needed felling. I'm think it's a sitka spruce, but I'm not an expert. It was felled(or blew over) inwinter or in the spring this year, so I expect it'll need to be milled and then air dried for at least a couple years. But how is tonewood quality wood identified? This doesn't look like fir, hemlock, or cedar(or smell like cedar), and spruce is the other common conifer up here. And how is it milled-is it a special process, or can any sawmill do it? There are several small ones around here. Or is it something I can do myself? The rounds are all ~3 feet in diameter and 14"-24" tall. There's one that's tall enough it might even be cello size, but I don't know if I'll be able to snag that one. The first two pics are one tree, the 2nd two I believe are of a different tree.
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