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  1. Now it will only be a matter of time before we can see a Strad Iphone, and a Teslavarius.
  2. If this is the only issue: just a very common repair for a violin maker/repair person. Hot hide glue will be inserted in the joint with a thin knife and clamped till dry with one or more special clamps. One of the least expensive repairs in the trade.
  3. Cantiga A would be my choice: available in soft as well if required. If price is a factor: the new Larsen Aurora are cheap and sound wonderful (at least on the student instruments I had to ship to a music-school the other week)
  4. Maybe you could tell us what brand and type of A string were not satisfying.
  5. 3/4 pegs are available with thicker shafts as well.
  6. A little less control with my spiral reamer (Herdim) compared to straight ones. Straight reamers seem to be better for burnishing pegholes.
  7. A heavy wound thin core will have a different output than a light wound thick core, given the same string diameter.
  8. My endorsement was meant especially for the GEWA IDEA Original Carbon, not so much for the GEWA AIR cello case!
  9. I have been a BAM dealer for many years and in fact I still am. BAM dealers -at least here in Europe- have access to a sales rep. of BAM HQ in France for ordering and after-sales.
  10. I have seen damaged shells of Accord cases and suspected the same risk with the lightest Musilia cases (the other two did not have that problem). Hiscox is fine provided you do not have to carry it on your back, since that is impossible. Wheels on cases is a bad idea: I used to try and convince customers in the market for a case, to buy one without wheels but if they persisted, they always had to confess being wrong in the end. BAM and GEWA both have an excellent after-sales service in my experience: last month I had no trouble at all to order a new handle for a BAM case of over 15 years old.
  11. Having sold many cello cases of various brands in the past, my advice would be the GEWA Idea Original carbon. https://int.gewamusic.com/product/70/gewa-cello-case-idea-original-carbon-29.html very light, very strong, easy opening and closing. Maybe no prize-winning design, but an ideal workhorse.
  12. Just Oliv Rosin (golden) appeasrs to be discontinued by Pirastro. Oliv/Evah is dark. Some years ago Pirastro changed from black boxes to white ones, with the exception of Evah Pirazzi GOLD.
  13. The novel "Publieke Werken" by Thomas Rosenboom was based on this story and was a real best-seller in the Dutch speaking countries and a film with the same title was based on the novel.
  14. In my younger days I tried to make center joints with the very old Stanley my dad gave me (used for many years in his carpentry workshop, apparently not straight anymore ) Difficult to perform, until I bought a brand new one, that made it a lot easier.
  15. I have not seen the felt donuts on E strings from any brand for decades. Plastic sleeves are usual.
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