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  1. The name ny friend As soon as I open my workshop I will see
  2. So at the end of the day do we have a consensus already on what is it? I see some say mittenwald, others saxons, and others even English, so what is it?
  3. Besides, saying that I'm not skillful enough to write 2 words with ink on paper is kind of offensive. Don't you think so? Lol
  4. Why only Lord Sauders believe what I say?
  5. But it is only ink on a piece of paper xd it doesnt have any artistic job on it, only the maker's name and the address xd
  6. I didn't think it would hurt since the label doesn't have a complex design or anything
  7. You mean naughty like "well done" or naughty like "you should not do it"?
  8. Hi lord Sauders. Yes it does, and I am the one who retouched the ink. The letter on the label were hardly recognizable so I added more ink so the future owners don't have issues distinguishing what it says
  9. I find hard to take pictures to the blocks. Is there a way to do it?
  10. Hi guys! The label says something like "1806 Josef Kloz" but I thought It was fake
  11. Hi guys, this violin came to me workshop today, any idea of what is it? PSD:the scroll was changed so I dont update photos of it thanks in advance!
  12. Ok, which pictures would help?
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