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  1. Hi guys! I do appreciate your responses, indeed, I was told gold mounted bows tend to be better because of the material itself. I was told gold makes the bow more forgiving and sticks better on the strings... I had my doubts because as an engineer I know gold do have the property of absorbing vibrations, but I wanted to know the opinion of some experts like you. I do appreciate all the feedback received in this thread because it will help me greatly to make my decision, and negotiate xd. Thank you so much for the help!. PSD: pardon me for the late response, these days have been really crazy since I have been traveling through all Europe!!
  2. Hi guys! These days I'm gonna be traveling to France and I intend to buy a bow. I received the catalogue of a Parisian bow maker and he makes gold mounted bows. What do you think of gold mounted bows? Are they worthy? Does gold improve bow's performance or it is something merely stethic? I had a phone call with the french luthier and he said his premium bows are gold mounted. What do you think about it guys? Thanks in advance for your valuable comments!
  3. Where my point was is in ergonomics. How suitable is for her to play in a violin with such features? What when she wants to turn to a standard, professional and more orthodox violin?
  4. But, how do we know if it is a Viola for sure?
  5. I dunno, To me the thing is more like this: If someone who is an expert, or knows much more than me convinced me that a 60 dollars irregular chinese violin(yes, good sounding violin) worths 3000 dollars that would be right? I don't know, It doesn't feel right to me. PSD: Of course I'm not saying this is a 60 dollars violin, it's just an example.
  6. Yep, I can see what you mean. I just said it thinking the best for the girl's learning process and how playing an "ambiguous" instrument could affect it. It reminds me to one of those Disney movies about "you can be whatever you wanna be". The title would be something like "the viola which came out as a violin". That would be perfect for the new kind of education that is being instructed to kids nowadays lol.
  7. I guess now the thing is about how old his daughter is, anyways If I was him I would be seriously tempted to cancel the deal. @Rue If I was him I would use viola strings to see how it sounds lol
  8. But... would it be OK for his daughter to play with a Viola size fiddle?
  9. I already made that clarification my friend.
  10. It is hard to believe due to the summer/winter temperature and humidity contrast that any instrument would face in its "native climate". Maybe if the instrument was made in south America, south Asia or any Arabic country you would be right.
  11. I thought that at the beggining but the last two letters of the second word look more like "YA" than "IA" so i have not been able to relate them to anything.
  12. Hi Mister Sauders, May I ask you how can one tell the varnish was probably replaced? By the color?
  13. Hi! Here I bring more pictures following mister Rue's advice as many of you requested.
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