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  1. wow! How do you know?! Can you tell me anything else? I mean, other than that my great grandfather loved it. I figured out how to delete the listing. I had to google it.
  2. I have not found any way to initiate a removal process, alas. Ebay has become much more confusing than it used to be when I occasionally sold stuff on there in the early 2000's... Pretty sure they hid it on purpose.
  3. That's mine, actually. I put it up and then changed my mind so put a ridiculous price on it since there doesnt seem to be a way to cancel auctions after you post them.
  4. Yeah there is one on there now for like $300 that is not as unique as this one. However this is in pretty rough shape. Looks fairly good from the top but the bottom is missing a fair amount of skin ad the handle is almost entirely peeled off. The silk velvet inside is pretty worn out. My great grandfather was a working musician and this definitely got used, as did the fiddle. I'm torn on keeping it. I live in a small apartment and move every few years. I feel like it would be best for the object to be homed with someone who can repair/restore/preserve it. I'm not in a position to do that.
  5. I have no clue. I've just seen that term applied to objects made from the backs of alligators with the spikes, so figured it was the same thing, so called it that.
  6. I inherited by great grandfathers fiddle and am curious about the case. I am not using the case, actually. But it is made from a razorback alligator so I am wondering if anyone can tell me about it. It is stamped "Made in the USA" on the bottom.
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