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  1. Hmm, hard to describe, but it was closer to a metal buzz coming from the strings, though less harsh. As mentioned, though, a good cleaning of the bow hair and re-application of rosin seems to have gotten rid of the noise.
  2. Thanks, Marcus -- I was worried that was the case, as I really liked the T5 and hoped it would work for my violin as it pulls a full sound despite the noise. After changing strings and doing countless other things I could think of, I carefully cleaned off the old rosin that came with the bows and applied my usual rosin (Guillaume) . . . surprise! The buzzing noise is gone! I guess whatever rosin was used on the bow previously just wasn't a good match for my violin.
  3. Hi all, I've been testing out several Arcus bows (T4, T5, and M5) and have really been enjoying the feel and lightness of these CF bows, and the fairly rich sounds they pull from my main violin. However, I've noticed that bowing with the T5 and M5 bows cause a light buzzing/vibrating/scratchy sounds, more so on the G and D strings than the A and E strings. The buzzing is more noticeable on the T5 than on the M5. I don't hear this on the T4 oddly enough. I don't hear this noise/sound when playing with my wood bows or my Presto Impulse bow. I've also made sure to use the same rosin on all the bows, and the sound still remains on the T5 and M5 (again, more noticeable on the T5). Does anyone have any thoughts on what may be causing these sounds? Arcus describes the T series bows as stiffer than the M series -- I don't really have any expertise to analyze this, but I wonder if that may point to a possible explanation given the fact I notice the sound more on the T5 than the M5 (though I don't hear any of the buzzing with the T4). Could it just be that the bows simply are not a good match for the violin?
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