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  1. Yea I kind of figured that. My other post about price was a joke.
  2. I don't know? That might be over priced. Let me think about it a while?
  3. I got that couch for a song at a yard sale. They practically paid me to load it up and take it! As for the fiddle I got it with the bows for $10.00 so even if it's messed up I am not really out anything.
  4. I stated when I posted the better pics it is cracked. It sucks but yes it's cracked.
  5. Yes after a better look it does have a crack in the back. I just can't believe someone would slather that goop on it for a fix. Crappy job. Any opinions on fixing the back? I can only post a couple times a day which kind of sucks. It's the same with PM's I can only send 2 a day. The restrictions really hinder a new person here. These are better pics.
  6. Yes the area on the back is what looks like something gooey that got on the finish and there is no damage to the wood. Thanks guys.
  7. First off I don't know how to play but I always wanted to learn. Anyway I was at a yard sale and picked this up. I know nothing about violins and bought it. It came with 2 bows that need work. The violin looks to only need strings. I see no cracks or other damage to it. It's overall length is 23 1/2" the body is about 14". It's dirty but looks solid. From google searching I know it was made buy Jerome Thibouville Lamy because of the JTL label. What do you guys think?
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